1. 6 areas of Naval Doctrine
    • Warefare
    • Intelligence
    • Operations
    • Logistics
    • Planning
    • Command and Control
  2. Recon/Surveillance
    includes the search for and interception, recording, and analysis of radiated electromagnetic energy
  3. Antisubmarine
    Used to locate and destroy submarines
  4. Amphibious Assault
    taking of land where land and sea meet

    aircraft provide bombardment by missles, bombs, and other ordnance
  5. Logistics Support
    Involves transport of troops, personnel, and cargo or equipment where needed by military
  6. Search and Rescue
    provide search data and surveillance of area where rescue is to take place

    helicopters or aircraft may also provide rescue swimmersm litter rescue, helicopter hoist, ect
  7. Mine Warfare
    Use of Ships, aircraft, subs, helicopters to locate and destroy enemy mines
  8. Conditions that led to formation of U.S. Navy
    "Taxation without representation"

    Navy birthday= October 13, 1775 purchased 2 vessels

    Feb 1776 first squadron out to sea
  9. Qualities that characterize the Navy/Marine Corps team as instruments to support national policies
    • Readiness
    • flexibility
    • self-sustainability
    • mobility
  10. 3 levels of war
    • Tactical
    • Operational
    • Strategic
  11. Intelligence Operations support peace time operation decision making
    Intelligence centers on focus of effort, identify critical vulnerabilities, and enhance combat effectiveness
  12. Mission of Naval Logistics
    Provide and sustain our operational readiness by getting the right support to the right place and the right time
  13. Importance of planning to Naval Operations
    elements of planning produce concept of operations including commanders estimate, deciding possible courses of action, preparation of mission statement and its execution strategy, situation analysis, and formilation of the commanders intent
  14. Coral Sea
    • world first carrier verses carrier battle
    • May 1942
    • Japanese vs American
  15. Midway
    • June 1942
    • turning point of Pacific war
  16. Guadalcanal
    • November 1942
    • Sullivan brothers 5 brothers all died reason siblings cant be on same ship
  17. May 8 1911
    • Navys first airplane orderded
    • Birthday of Naval aviation
  18. First aircraft carrier
    • U.S.S Langley
    • March 20 1922
  19. First Jet Powered Naval Aircraft
    • FH-1 Phantom
    • July 22, 1946
  20. First Naval Aviator in Space
    • CDR Alan Shepard
    • May 5, 1961
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