IB Java 1/12/2011

  1. Hacking
    Obtaining unauthorized access to protected resources
  2. Hexadecimal
    System of numbers with base 16; the hexadecimal digits range from 0-9 (represented by 0 to 9) and 10-15 (represented by the letters A through F)
  3. High Level Language (HLL)
    computer language whose instructions or statements each correspond to several machine language instructions, designed to make it easier to write coding. Such languages are independent of the computer operating system.
  4. HTML
    Hyper Text Markup Language

    A computer language used to construct web pages. Tags are used to denote the way text and graphics are to be displayed. A browser is needed to interpret and display the pages.
  5. Hub
    In networking, a switch that sends data to the stations to which it is attached
  6. IDE
    integrated development environment

    programming tool that gives programmers a single environment for building programs rather than using individual editors and debuggers
  7. Identifier
    Name or label chosen by the programmer to represent a variable, method, class, data type, or any other element defined within the program.
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IB Java 1/12/2011
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