1. Discuss the duel chain of command for operating forces
    • operational= president, secretary of defense, commander of unified or specified command, to operational forces
    • administrative= Secretary of Navy, cheif of operations, to operating forces
  2. Unified/Specified
    Unified: composed of elements of 2 or more services w/one commander

    • -joint forces command
    • -transportation command
    • -strategic command

    • Specified= broad continuing mission, composed of forces from one service
    • NORAD(north american aerospace defense command)
    • AMC(air mobility command)
  3. Fleet Commander
    Ships and craft classified and organized into commands by types (training commands, surface forces, fleet marine forces, naval air forces, and submarine forces
  4. Task Force Commander
    • further divides fleets into forces, groups, units, and elements.
    • task commander has a task force that is adaptable to any change in size
  5. Task Unit Commander
    Task groups further subdivided into units
  6. Secretary of the Navy
    Ray Mabus
  7. Chief of Naval operations
    Admiral Gary Roughead
  8. Fleet Commander in Chief (CINC)
    • Pacific= 3rd and 7th fleet
    • Atlantic=2nd fleet
    • Europe= 6th fleet
  9. Naval Air force commander
    Directly below Commander in Chief

    usually Vice Admiral in rank
  10. Wing Commander
    responsible for aircraft material readiness, admin, and training/inspection of squadrons under their command
  11. Type squadron commander
    Coordinate NAMP in operation and training forces
  12. MCPON
    MCPON West
  13. Fleet Master Chief
    general principle enlisted advisor to the fleet commander in chief

    -6 fleet master chiefs
  14. Force Master Chief
    Principle advisors to various Force groups

    22 force master chiefs
  15. Command Master Chief
    commands w/250 or more eligible for a cmc billit otherwise they select a Master CPO from within command to stand as collateral duty CMC

    -principle advisor on enlisted matters to the CO
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