Patho Intro Definitions

  1. Disease
    a pathological condition of the body tha presents a group of clinical signs symptoms and laboratory findings unique to it tat make it a separate entity
  2. Etiology
    cause of disease
  3. Infectious agents
    bacteria, viruses, micro organisms,
  4. Heredity
    Transmitted by genes
  5. Congenital
    before, during, or soon after birth (fetal alcohol)
  6. Environmental
    Traced to air, radiation, chemicals
  7. Nutrition & Diet
    Decreased intake, wrong unhealthy food, unable to process food
  8. Stress and Disease
    Decrease immuse system (MS)
  9. Idiopathic
    unknown cause
  10. Signs
    objective, observable
  11. Symptoms
    perception of the patient
  12. Exacerbation
    s/s worsen in severisty or recur
  13. Remission
    S/S subside or disappear Chronic Diseases
  14. Iatrogenic
    caused by health care intervention
  15. Acute
    Sudden onset, short term condition
  16. Chronic
    insidious onset, long term, often progressive
  17. Prognosis
    predicted outcome, course of disease (how long will they live)
  18. Functional Prognosis
    Predicted level of funcion at discharge from therapy
  19. Subclinical State
    Pathological changes have occurred without S/S
  20. Latent Stage
    infectious organism present but no s/s (Bacteria, virus)
  21. Prodromal period
    Non-specific signs such as fatigue, malaise
  22. Precipitating Factor
    a condition or factor that triggers an exacerbation or acute episode of a disease
  23. Complications / Secondary impairments
    additional problems tat arise after the original disease
  24. Morbidity
    disease rate within a group
  25. Mortality
    relative 3 of deaths from a particular disease
  26. Structural Disease at the cellular level
    on in which there is an abnormal structure of cells tissue or organs
  27. Functional Disease
    Abnormal function of normal looking tissue
  28. Atrophy
    decrease in size of cell
  29. Hypertrophy
    increase in size of cells
  30. Hyperplasia
    Increase in number of cells
  31. Metaplasia
    • one mature cell type is replaced with another cell type
    • lack of vitamin A or smoking
  32. Dysplasia
    • Cells vary in size and shape- random
    • Chronic infection precancerous cancer
  33. Anaplasia
    loss of cellular differentiation and function characteristic of most malignancies
  34. Neoplasm
    Mean "new growth" commonly called a tumor
  35. Structural Changes
    cellular swelling accumulation of lipid inside cell
  36. Necrosis
    a group of cell die
  37. Infarction
    dead cells reulting from lack of O2
  38. Gangrene
    an area of necrotic tissue invaded by bacteria
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