Chapter 17 Cards

  1. Mark Twain
    Famous Author
  2. Famous book by Mark Twain
    The Gilded Age
  3. 1st American Train
    Tom Thumb (Created by Peter Cooper)
  4. The distance between rails on a railroad track
    Guage (around 4'8.5'')
  5. Credit Moblier
    A famous fraud with a construction company
  6. Cornelious Vanderbilt
    Nickname was the Commadore. Opened a shipping line from Eastcoast to California
  7. How did Cornelious Vanderbilt make his $?
    Shipping & railroads.
  8. Commadore's grandson's house?
    The Biltmore House
  9. The Transcontinental Railroad met here..
    Promentory Point, Utah
  10. Who made his $ in the banking industry?
    J.P. Morgan
  11. Made his $ in steel?
    Andrew Carnegie (Nickname was the Steel Millionaire)
  12. Andrew Carnegie's book?
    The Gospel of Wealth
  13. Made his money in oil?
  14. Vertical Integration
    Process of buying other companies out.
  15. George Eastman
    created the Kodak camera.
  16. Alexander Gram Bell's first intention was to ________ when he ended up creating the telephone.
    Help the deaf.
  17. Name of Thomas Edison's park?
    Menlow Park.
  18. The United Mine Worker's Strike
    • -Shortage of Coal (blackouts)
    • -New miners did not speak English
    • -Old workers vs. new
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