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  1. Who wrote Wombling?
    Christopher Norton
  2. What is the name Wombling about?
    • According to Christopher Norton, the piece was inspired by the characters on TV called the Wombles.
    • Wombling is a word now used to describe getting somewhere using a number of different modes of transport - eg across London using busses, tube, walking etc
  3. What key is Wombling in?
    F major.
  4. What is the key signature of F major?
  5. what is an acciacutura?
    An acciacutura is a "crushed" note
  6. What is the time signature of Wombling?
    • 4/4, common time
    • 4 crotchet beats in a bar
  7. what does mf stand for?
    Mf stands for mezzo-piano, or moderately soft
  8. What style is Wombling?
  9. Tell me something about Christopher Norton
    Christopher Norton (born 1953) is a New Zealand-born British pianist and composer. He writes the Microjazz series, for lots of different instruments with midi backing files.... one of the most popular series ever.
  10. What is a slur and how is it indicated on music?
    It means to join the notes together smoothly. It is indicated by a curved line over or under the group of notes that you need to slur.
  11. What is an accent and how is it indicated in music?
    It means that the note should be played a bit louder than the surrounding notes. It is indicated by a sideways V over / under the note.
  12. What does ff mean?
    fortissimo - very loud.
  13. What is a phrase in music?
    It can be used to refer to the group of notes that lie under a slur. Or a group of bars that go together - often 4 bars - to form a "sentence".
  14. What is "swing"?
    Swing is a style of jazz - developed through the 20s and 30s with a 4 beat time signature and a syncopated melody.
  15. What is syncopation?
    • A shift of accent in music that occurs when a normally weak beat is stressed.
    • Normally the first beat in the bar is the loudest, then the 3rd beat with the 2nd and 4th beats softer. In syncopated music this patten is changed.
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