2011 NMT Flash Cards

  1. What are the (3) stages of suicide?
    • Ideation
    • Gesture
    • Attempt
  2. After a suicide attempt, where should student be taken?
    Either to Memorial Hospital or Keesler Hospital for observation.
  3. What are priviledges?
    A benifit, advantage or favor provided for the convenience ot enjoyment of an individual. Typically earned, not guaranteed!
  4. Who can rescind priviledges?
    Priviledges can be rescinded by the person who granted them or by whoever has been given authority by the grantor.
  5. What is the purpose of EMI?
    To correct a deficiency in a phase of military duty in which a member is deficient. It is not a punishment nor should it be treated as one.
  6. Who can authorize EMI?
    The Commanding Officer or those delegated by the CO can give EMI.
  7. What are the guidelines & timeframe for administering EMI?
    • The corrective measures must be IAW the UCMJ, must be lawful & should pertain to the deficiency.
    • To be administered outside of normal working hours but not past 2200, not before reveille, not to exceed (3) days, not longer than needed to correct deficiency, & not on sabbath.
  8. What actions should you take upon receiving notification that a student may have been raped?
    • Contact Duty SAVI
    • Tell student not to divulge info to anyone until SAVi arrives
    • Once SAVI arrives, member will speak with SAVI Security, or Medical as needed
    • Do not inform Chain of Command
    • Do not leave victim alone
  9. What actions should you take upon learning that a student is in jail?
    • Obtain all pertinent info from police
    • Notify Echo Company Staff
    • Notify NCTC CDO
  10. What agencies/resources are available on base to aid you in your duties as a Platoon Commander?
    • Fleet & Family Support
    • Chapel/Chaplain
    • Red Cross
    • Navy Marine Corps Relief Society
    • Navy Campus
  11. What can you as a Platoon Commander do to motivate your troops?
    • Lead by example
    • Find thier motivations & interests
    • Instill pride & professionalism
    • Create fun & quality entertainment
    • Encourage involvement
    • Praise in public
    • Be genuine in your involvement & concern
  12. What are some items that are restricted from use/storage in the BEQ's?
    • Alcohol
    • Fire arms
    • Knifes
    • Weapons
    • Flammable Items (lighter fluid, finger nail polish remover, ect)
    • Food on Beds
  13. What are the regulations for Navy men & women regarding the wearing of earrings?
    • Men: not authorized in uniform, on base, on vessel, or @ command sponsored event
    • Women: (1) per ear, centered on ear lobe, 4-6 mm brushed or bright silver for E6 & below; Chiefs & Officers wear gold.
    • Small Single Pearl earrings are authorized for wear Dinner & Formal Dress uniform
    • Body Piercings: Only piercings authorized on base or at command functions noted above. Offbase OK as long as they do not discredit the military.
  14. How do you as a Platoon Commander, instill an aggressive & dynamic approach towards safety with your troops?
    • Lead by example
    • Interactive & exciting, though provoking Military Training
    • Daily/Weekly safety talks relating to their current phase of work/plans for the weekend.
    • Remind personnel safety is everyone's responsibility.
  15. What is NCTC's policy regarding alcohol abuse?
    Zero tolerance relted to both of age and underage.
  16. What are possible punishments for violation of NCTC's Alcohol Abuse Policy?
    • Restriction
    • Extra Duty
    • Forfeiture of pay
    • DAPA screening w/ appropriate treatment
    • Separation from Service
  17. What are the proceedures for handling an alcohol related incident?
    • Gather relative documentation from local Police, Base security, or witness statements
    • Take statement from member only after deeemd not intoxicated
    • Contact DMAA
    • Contact Echo Company COC
    • Call NCTC CDO
    • Inform DAPA
    • ***Do not leave intoxicated member alone
  18. What is the main difference between fraternization & sexual harassment?
    Sexual harassment is sexual in nature whereas fraternization deals w/ any unduely familiar relationship between service members of distinct groups regardless of gender.
  19. What is the purpose of counseling?
    To provide guidance for personnel in all matters, whether personal or professional in an effort to better thier military experience & improve thier performance or acknowledge positive behavior.
  20. What does the UCMJ state concerning fingernail length for males?
    No longer than the tip of the finger.
  21. What does the UCMJ state concerning fingernail length for females?
    1/4" past the tip of the finger, and if painted, colors that compliment the skin tone and would not be considered faddish.
  22. What is the Navy's definition per UCMJ for Faddish?
    A style followed for a short period of time w/ exaggerated zeal. Fads are generally short in duration & frequently started by an individual or event in the civilian community.
  23. What is the Navy's definition per UCMJ for Conspicuous?
    Obvious to the eye, attracting attention, striking, bright in color. Should blend w/ not stand out from a professional appearance in uniform. If attention is naturally drawn to or distracted from the professional appearance.
  24. What do you do when you receive a Red Cross message?
    • Ensure the quarterdeck has logged the call in the log book.
    • Call CDO w/ all info
  25. If emergency leave or an extension of leave is requested, who may authorize?
    • Commanding Officer
    • CDO
    • Company Commander
  26. What are the liberty hours for ECS "Holding CO" students?
    • Work Days - 1700-0630
    • Non Work days - Only Watch Standing
  27. How is a Health & Welfare inspection conducted?
    • Secure berthing area
    • Ensure all members of room are present prior to entering
    • Give debrief concerning what's being done, why, & offer amnesty.
    • Have students open thier own closets
    • Have students stand out of the way while an inspection is being conducted
    • Search all areas (closets, boxes, drawers, under beds, ect)
    • Tag all items confiscated
    • If a weapon or illegal drugs are found, stop inspection, clear room, contact Security & DMAA.
  28. A student comes to you & says his/her roomate/friend has said they are going to kill themselves. What do you do?
    • Ask for the members name, room number, & class if known.
    • Contact LCPO, Company Commander or Khaki assigned to Echo Company
    • If student is in class, contact Charlie Company LCPO & inform them of situation, they should then remove student from the class, counsel them & refer them to medical.
    • If it is after hours, contact Echo Company COC, retrieve student, contact medical.
    • Once you have retrieved the student, take them to a private place (office) & talk to them, ask open ended questions
    • Ask if they said they were going to kill themselves & why
    • All serious suicide ideationsl, gestures, & attempts must be reported up the Chain of Command
  29. A student, thier spouse, & newborn arrive on base from leave. They have no money, what do you do?
    • Refer them to Navy Relief Society
    • Refer them to financial counseling provided by fleet & family services
    • If after hours, refer member to Navy Lodge to attain berthing for the night.
    • Call Chaplain and ask for counseling assistance
  30. You find a gun in a students locker during an inspection. What do you do?
    • Secure the room
    • Contact Echo Company COC
    • Contact Master of Arms
    • Ensure a staff member is with the student at all times.
  31. A student approaches you and tells you that they think they might have AIDS. What do you do?
    • Counsel the individual as to why they think they might have AIDS
    • Inform Echo Company COC
    • Take member to medical immediately
  32. Two students are involved in a physical altercation; one as a possible broken nose. What do you do?
    • Separate the individuals in separate rooms is possible
    • Take injured member to medical
    • Read both students their Art. 31A rights prior to asking any questions or taking any statements
    • Get member statements
    • Get witness statements
    • Contact CMAA to start the disciplinary process
  33. You are walking by a student with an instructor/NMT and see them strike the student. What do you do?
    • Get the staff member out of the situation ASAP
    • Inform the nearest LCPO of the incident immediately
    • Check on the student for injuries
    • Obtain witness reports
  34. A student approaches you & says or insinuates that they are willing to do anything (sexual in nature) for you just to get over night liberty early. What do you do?
    • Get another staff member to witness you counseling the student
    • Inform Echo Company COC
  35. What were your motivators for earning the NMT Designation?
    To be improve myself and my general knowledge as to how to handle various situations encountered while delaing with the ECS Students.
  36. A student on leave calls you & tells you that thier truck broke down, they are in an unfamiliar location, they dont remember how far ago the last exit was and they are short on cash. What information can you tell this troop to help them out?
    • Ask if member has Roadside Assist
    • Call emergency authorities
    • Ask them for location (road and mile marker)
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