Chemistry Lect 4

  1. Collids
    • the solute and solvent can be seperated via a semi-permiable membrane
    • i.e. aerosols
    • particulate
  2. _____ dissolves _____.
    • Like, like
    • i.e. polar dissolves polar and non-polar dissolves non-polar
  3. Molality
    m = mol of solute / kg of solvent
  4. Parts per million
    ppm = (mass of solute / total mass of solu'n) * 106
  5. Exothermic Rxns and Bonding
    a solu'n that gives off heat is creating stronger bonds within the solution
  6. Vapor Pressure and Temp
    Vapor pressure is linked to K.E. and therefore increases when temp increases
  7. Boiling Pt
    v.p.liquid = Patmosphere
  8. Melting Point
    v.p.solid = v.p.liquid
  9. Vapor Pressure and Nonvolatile Solutes
    Nonvolatile solutes do not contribute to the v.p. --> reaches the surface and reduces the amount of molecules "breaking free" per S.A.
  10. Solubility Factors
    Depends on Temp and Ions in solu'n
  11. Saturation
    Equilibrium between precipitation and dissolution
  12. Ksp
    • Ksp = products/reactants
    • only changes with temperature
  13. Increasing temp usually ____ solubility of gases.
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