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  1. ex-
  2. in-
  3. inter-
  4. -extasis
  5. para-
  6. re-
  7. adenoid/o
    adenoid, pharyngeal tonsils which help protect against pathagens
  8. pneum/o, aer/o
  9. alveol/o
    alveolus, air sacs
  10. bronchiol/o
  11. bronch/o, bronchi/o
  12. capn/o
    carbon dioxide
  13. steth/o, thorac/o, pector/o
  14. diaphragm/o, diaphragmat/o, phren/o
  15. salping/o
    eustachian tube
  16. laryng/o
  17. lob/o, lobul/o
  18. pulmon/o, pneumon/o, pneum/o
  19. mediastin/o
  20. or/o, stomat/o
  21. muc/o
  22. nas/o, rhin/o
  23. ox/o, ox/o
  24. pharyng/o
    pharynx/ throat
  25. pleur/o
    pleura, membrane that surounds the lungs
  26. cost/o
  27. sept/o
    septum, wall
  28. sinus/o, sin/o
  29. spir/o, hal/o
    to breathe
  30. tonsil/o
  31. trache/o
    trachea/ windpipe
  32. viscer/o
  33. pariet/o
  34. inspire, inhalation
    breath in
  35. expire, exhalation
    breath out
  36. olfaction
    sense of smell
  37. pulmonology
    diagnosis, treatment, prevention of discarder of the respiratory tract
  38. nares
  39. cilia
    small nose hairs
  40. vocal cords
    produce speech
  41. bronchi
    branches within the lungs
  42. -atory, -al
    pertaining to
  43. -ation
    precess of
  44. -um
  45. cyan/o
  46. -osis
    abnormal condition
  47. dys-
  48. -pnea
  49. brady-
  50. orth/o
  51. tachy-
  52. -ptysis
  53. capn/o
    carbon dioxide
  54. -ia
  55. -emia
    blood condition
  56. -dynia
  57. pyr/o
  58. -exia
  59. -rrhea
  60. tympan/o
  61. aphonia
    can't make sound
  62. dysphonia
    difficulty making sound
  63. Cheyne-Stokes respiration
    deep, rapid breathing followed by apnea
  64. clubbing
    enlargement of your fingers
  65. cyanosis
    lack of oxygen in blood
  66. dyspnea
    difficulty/ painful breathing
  67. eupnea
    normal breathing
  68. apnea
    periods of not breathing
  69. bradypnea
    slow breathing
  70. hyperpnea
    deep breathing
  71. hypopnea
    shallow breathing
  72. orthopnea
    difficulty breathing if not in an upright position
  73. tachypnea
    rapid, shallow breathing
  74. epistaxis
  75. hemoptysis
    coughing up blood
  76. hepercapnia
    excessive CO2 in blood
  77. hyperventilation
    increased breathing
  78. hypoxemia
    lack of O2 in blood
  79. pleurodymia
    pain in the chest
  80. pyrexia
  81. rhinorrhea
    discharge from nose
  82. SOB
    shortness of breath
  83. sputum
    coughing up mucus
  84. thoracodynia
    chest pain
  85. friction sounds
    sounds made by dry surface rubbing together
  86. hiccup
    sound made by involuntary contraction of the diaphragm
  87. rales
    abnormal lung sound
  88. rhonchi
    abnormal sound caused by airway blockage
  89. stridor
    high-pitch inspiration sounds
  90. tympany, chest
    low-pitch sounds from the lungs
  91. coryza
    common cold
  92. croup
    acute viral infection of early childhood, caused by spasms of the larynx, trachea, and bronchi
  93. deviated septum
    deflection of the septum that may cause obstruction of nasal passages
  94. polyps, nasal and vocal cord
    small, tumorlike growth
  95. myc/o
  96. rhinomycosis
    fungus in the nose
  97. tracheomalacia
    softening of the trachea
  98. tracheostenosis
    narrowing of the windpipe
  99. URI
    upper respiratory infection
  100. asthma
    respiratory disorder characterized by dyspnea
  101. atelectasis
    collapse of lung tissue or an entire lung
  102. bronchiectasis
    chronic dilation of the bronchi
  103. bronchiolitis
    viral infection of the bronchioles
  104. bronchospasm
    sudden involuntary contraction of the bronchi, as in an asthma attack
  105. COPD
    chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, respiratory disorder caused by no longer being able to breath
  106. CF
    cystic fibrosis thick secretion of mucus
  107. diphtheria
    bacterial respiratory infection
  108. emphysema
    destruction of alveoli
  109. flail chest
    rib fractures cause instability in part of the chest wall and injure the lungs
  110. hemothorax
    blood in the pleural cavity
  111. influenza
    the flu
  112. avian flu
    caused by type A influenza virus (bird flu)
  113. pertussis
    bacterial infection of the respiratory tract, whooping cough
  114. pleural effusion
    accumulation of fluid in the intrapleural space
  115. pleural effusion
    fluid in the intrapleural space
  116. pleurisy
    inflammation of the parental pleura of the lungs
  117. pneumoconiosis
    loss of lung capacity due to dust
  118. pneumonia
    inflammation of the lungs due to pathogens
  119. pneumothorax
    air/gas in the pleural space causing the lungs to collapse
  120. pulmonary abscess
    localized accumulation of pus in the lungs
  121. pulmonary edema
    fluid in the lung tissue
  122. pyothorax
    pus in the pleural cavity
  123. RSV
    respiratory synctytial virus, acute respiratory disease usually accrues in children in the lower respiratory tract and the upper respiratory tract in adults
  124. SARS
    severe acute respiratory syndrome, viral respiratory disorder caused by a coronavirus
  125. TB
    chronic infection caused by an acid-fast bacillus
  126. hamartoma, pulmonary
    benign tumor formed in the respiratory tract
  127. muccus gland adenoma
    begging tumor of the mucus gland
  128. papilloma
    begging tumor of the epithelial origin
  129. mesothelioma
    rare malignancy of the pleura/other protective tissue that cover the internal organs
  130. non-small cell lung cancer
    NSCLC, most prevalent type of lung cancer
  131. adenocarcinoma
    NSCLC derived from the mucus-secreting glands in the lungs
  132. large cell carcinoma
    NSCLC originating in the lining of the smaller bronchi
  133. ABG
    arterial blood gases, blood test that measure O2 and CO2 in blood
  134. bronchoscopy
    endoscopic procedure used to examine the bronchial tubes visually
  135. chest x-ray
    CXR, common imaging of respiratory system
  136. auscultation
  137. percussion
  138. lung perfusion
    nuclear medicine test that produces an image of blood flow to the lungs
  139. lung ventilation scan
    test using radiopharmaceuticals tp produce a picture of how air is distributed in the lungs
  140. MRI
    magnetic resonance imaging, computerizing imaging that uses radiofrequency pulses to detect lung tumors, embolisms, and chest trauma
  141. mantoux skin test
    intradermal injection of purified protein derivative used to detect the presence of tuberculosis antibodies
  142. mediastinoscopy
    examines the spaces between the lungs
  143. peak flow meter
    instrument used in a pulmonary function test to measure breathing capacity
  144. PFT
    pulmonary function test, determines the capacity of the lungs to exchange O2, CO2 efficiency
  145. pulse oximetry
    test to measure O in arterial blood
  146. QFT
    quantiferon-TB gold test, definitive blood test to diagnose tuberculosis
  147. spirometry
    measure air in lungs
  148. sputum culture and sensitivity
    cultivation of microorganisms from sputum
  149. sweat test
    evaluates salt and chloride in sweat
  150. throat culture
    cultivation of microorganisms from a throat swab to determine the type of organism that is causing a disorder
  151. adenoidectomy
    excision of the pharyngeal tonsils, or adenoids
  152. bronchoplasty
    surgical repair of the bronchial defects
  153. endotracheal intubation
    passage of a tube through the mouth into the trachea to ensure a patent airway
  154. laryngectomy
    excision of the voice box
  155. pulmonary resection
    excision of a portion or lobe of the lung or the entire lung
  156. septoplasty
    surgical repair of the wall between the nares
  157. sinusotomy
    incision of the sinus
  158. antihistamine
    drug that helps with allergies
  159. antitussive
    drugs that supresses coughing

    • bronchodilators
    • drugs that relax the bronchi
  160. decongestants
    drugs that reduce congestion
  161. expectorants
    drugs that expel mucus
  162. inhaled corticosteroids
    drugs that improve ventilation
  163. mucolytics
    drugs that break up mucus
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