ENC 1101

  1. Instructor
    Mr. Alex Pollack
  2. Email:
  3. office
    Colbourn 304B
  4. Office hours
    Monday and Wednesday 11:30am-1:30pm
  5. This class is about?
    Literacy, language, and writing
  6. The focus of this course is?
    conversations that explore the act of writing: the people who do it and how they do it.
  7. We will write?
    researched arguments for academic readers about writers, writing, reading, and discourse.
  8. Writing will focus on:
    argumentation, library research, and empirical research methods such a ethnography, all methods by which academic writers participate in ongoing scholarly conversations
  9. 3 Course Objectives:
    • 1.) Study writing as situated, motivated discourse (as an active, lively conversation)
    • 2.) Study rhetoric as a theory of writing and a way of knowing and persuading.
    • 3.) Study the conversational and knowledge-creating nature of researched writing
  10. 3 more Course Objectives:
    4.) Study how we read and the conversational, contribute nature of reading.

    5.) Practice locating and evaluating documentary and human sources.

    6.) Practice Identifying available choices in writing and editing and making the strongest choice
  11. ENC 1102 is a ______ course.
    Gordan Rule
  12. You must earn a ____ in order to fulfill ______ and ____ Gordon Rule and GEP requirements.
    • 1.) C-
    • 2.)university
    • 3.) state
  13. You will write at least _____ words of evaluated writing, as mandated by ______ and ________.
    • 1.) 6000
    • UCF and the Department of English
  14. Assignments that fufill the Gordan rule are indicated with an _____ as mandatated by UCF policy.
  15. Each (writing that fufills Gordan Rule) has these Characteristics: (4)
    • 1.) The writing will have a clearly defined central idea or thesis
    • 2.) It will provide adequate support for that idea
    • 3.) it will be organized clearly and logically
    • 4.) It will show awareness of the conventions of stardard written english
  16. Required text
    From Inquiry to Academic Writing: A Text and Reader with 2009 MLA and 2010 APA Updates by Stuart Green and April Lidinsky
  17. Course readings will be sent via _______
  18. Budget for
    Printing Cost
  19. Engagemet counts for how many points and what present?
    25% and 100 Points
  20. Engagement is defined as (6)
    Attendance; Preperatrion for and participation in class discussion and activities; thoughtful participation in workshops and out of class peer preview; completion of the required minimum number of drafts for all major assignments; Serious revin between drafts. The extent to which you revise pieces will vary, but "revision" is not copy-editing. it is a substansive change in a piece in response ot my or other readers' feadback;absenses
  21. Daily Work and Writing counts for how many points and what percentage?
    95 Points and 25 Percent
  22. Daily work and Writing assignments include:
    • 1.) Weekely Reading Responses
    • 2.) Literacy Narrative
    • 3.) Interpretive Summary
    • 4.) Research Plan
    • 5.) Annotated Bibliography
    • 6.) A Review of Literature
    • 7.) Reseached Argument Paper
    • 8.) Presentation
  23. Weekly Reading Responses (defined as and number of total points)
    • 30 points
    • Weekly 1-2 written responses to reading due on Fridays. While we will write in-class reading responses each day, I'll give you discretion to turn in your best work of the week on Friday. lowest score is dropped.
  24. Literacy Narrative
    • 10 points
    • A discussion of your writing habits and history (assignment sheet will be handed out in class)
  25. Interpretive Summary
    • 10 points
    • a 2-3 page evaluative summary of an article that pertains to your research question (assignment sheet will be handed out in class)
  26. Research Plan
    • 5 Points
    • Short proposal of a research projuct you plan to conduct this semester (assignment sheet will be handed out in class)
  27. Annotated Biliography
    • 10 Points
    • Working bibliography on your research question complete with evalutate annotations (assignment sheet will be handed out in class)
  28. A Review of Literature
    • 10 points
    • This will eventually be the opening pages of your researched argument; it is a compliation of your research that maps the conversation to which you will be contributing (sheet handed out in class)
  29. Researched Argument Points
    • 10 Points
    • Your completed 10-12 page semester project; it will report the findings of your research and argue for their significance within the conersation you have sought to join (guidelines will be discussed in class all semester and put into writing as needed)
  30. Presentation
    • 10 Points
    • A condensed version of your findings suitable for presentation to the class in 10 minutes of speaking (guidelines will be discussed in class)
  31. Final Portfolio of Work With Reflection (points and percentage)
    • 200 Points and 50 percent
    • During the semester you will receive daily work/writing points for turning in your work and i will give you written feedback to help you revise your work. The portfolio is the majority of your grade, and to do well on it you are expected to revise all your writing assignments as needed over the course of the semester. At the end of the semester all of your work will go into the portfolio with is your opportunity to demonstate your best. Keep everything because it all goes into the portfolio.
  32. A =
    94-100 (UCF does not assign A+ grades)
  33. A-
  34. B+
  35. B
  36. B-
  37. C+
  38. C
  39. C-
  40. no _______ are given in ENC 1101 or 1102
  41. The grade of _____ can be assigned at the teacher's discretion only if the student completed all course work on time and attended class regularly but was unable to write at a level appropriate for ENC 1102.
    NC (no credit)
  42. Class will consist of
    a little lecture and a lot of class discustion (while you make regular progress on a research project and write responses to what's happening in readings, classs, and your own mind throughout the semester.)
  43. The final 2 weeks of the course will be devoted to?
    panel presentations and revision of major assignments for the final portfolio.
  44. Course Policy 1: You are not to use email or IM during class.
    If i find you doint these thins (or shopping online or downloading or playing games) I'll ask you to leave, count you absent, and give you a zero for all work due that day
  45. Course Policy 2: Your work in this class is alway public. Please do not _____
    write things that you wish to remain private.
  46. Course Policy 3: All out-of-class work _________
    must be typed.
  47. Course Policy 4: You must ____________
    because the portfolio consists not only of your final work but also earlier drafts. this way, you can trace your development.
    keep all drafts of your writing
  48. Course Policy 5: Late assignments will?
    no be accepted for credit unless you discuss problems with me in advance
  49. If an assignment is ___________, you must provide another copy no matter whose fault it is (so keep back ups of everything!)
    lost or missing
  50. Absenses
    • 4= a D for engagement
    • 5= a F for engagement
    • If you get and F for engagement then your highest grade possible is a C.
  51. Emergency absences
    will only be exused only if you notify me and bring documentation ASAP.
  52. Course Policies 6: Be on time. ____ = 1 absense
  53. How to Turn in work:
    Please submit required work in print and in class. in case of emergency, i'll allow 2 papers to be submitted via KnightsMail, but generally you should turn in your assignments via print
  54. Intentional Cheating on an assignement wil result in an "__" for the entire course.
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