1. What 4G technology does each company use?
    • Vzw- LTE
    • Sprint- WiMax
    • T-mobile- Hspa+
    • At&t- Hspa+ and LTE
  2. What seperates At&t's 4g strategy from it's competition?
    At&t's 3G currently delivers the nations fastest broadband network and with HSPA+ and LTE will have the fastest 3g network to fall back on, where as the cdma companies will experience a jarring speed drop going from wimac/lte back to evdo.
  3. With At&t recently announcing its 4g network and devices what advatages does At&t's 4g devices offer vs Verizon and Sprints?
    Simultaneous voice and data.
  4. At&t will be deploying LTE in Mid 2011, How many people will this technology cover by years end?
    75 million people.
  5. What company will feature the first dual core processor in a smart phone?
    At&t The motorla Atrix is the most powerful smartphone ever!
  6. What is the international standard for 4g speeds?
  7. 4g technology is in its infancy, what carrier has the best approach to 4g?
    At&t. With 3g technology that is closer to 4g like speeds At&t customers will not have a jarring reduction in speed that cdma providers will experience.
  8. At the end of 2011 how many customers will At&t LTE cover?
  9. 9. What 3g technology is Tmobile referring to as "4g"
  10. What will At&t's "4g" speed be at laung?
    Up to 14.4 mbps
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