EndoStitch- CBT review

  1. What are the three key in-service precautions?
    1. Prior to removal of the device, ensure that the jaws are in a close position.

    2. When cinching down suture material, ensure the jaws of the instrument are in a closed position so as neither to misalign, bend the needle, nor incorporate extraneous tissue.

    3. Before inserting the instrument, ensure that the needle is fully seated within the jaws by cycling the instrument.
  2. What are three indications that the instrument is loaded properly?
    1. Passing the needle back and forth a few times, by squeezing the handles and then toggling the teal lever.

    2. Audible click when the toggle levers pulled back.

    3. Red indicator boxes covered.
  3. What suture length is designed for extracorporeal suturing?
    48"/122 cm suture
  4. What suture length is designed for intracorporeal suturing?
    7"/18 cm suture
  5. What are three major Bariatric Surgery procedures where Endo Stitch can be utilized?
    • 1. Adjustable Gastric Banding
    • 2. Sleeve Gastrectomy
    • 3. Gastric Bypass
  6. What are the five most common procedural applications where Endo Stitch is utilized?
    1. Over-sewing/Reinforcement of stapling line

    2. Wrapping/Imbrication of gastric tissues

    3. Stay sutures

    4. Mesenteric Defect Closure

    5. Enterotomy/Organ Closure
  7. True or False:

    Endo Stitch needle is made of 303 stainless steel, which doesn't have cytotoxicity and is intended to be implated.
  8. What are five potential SILS applications where Endo Stitch can be utilized?
    • 1. Sleeve Gastrectomy
    • 2. Gastric Banding
    • 3. Nissen Fundoplication
    • 4. Hysterectomy
    • 5. Gastric Bypass
  9. In what shaft lengths is the Endo Stitch instrument available?
    9"/23 cm

    15"/38 cm
  10. True or False:

    You need a knot-pusher if you use Endo Stitch for extracorporeal knot-tying.
  11. What are the non-absorbable sutures available?
    • Bralon
    • Surgidac
    • Sofsilk
  12. What is the absorbable suture and what is the competitive suture?
    • Ours: Polysorb
    • Ethicon: Vicryl
  13. What are the key talking points for presenting Endo Stitch instrument?
    • 1. Considerable 45-70 % OR time savings
    • 2. Automatic endoscopic suturing device
    • 3. Wide jaw aperture
    • 4. Ability to work in tight spaces
    • 5. Intuitive design
    • 6. One-handed operation
  14. How long and how wide is the taper-pointed curved needle?
    • 9mm long
    • 19mm wide
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