Anatomy Chapter 01

  1. What is the current estimated number of species on the Earth?
    10 - 100 million
  2. Suppose you spent one horu studying each species on Earth. If there are 10 million and you studied 8 hours every day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, how long would it take you to complete the course?
    almost 3,500 years
  3. What is anatomy?
    the study of biological structure
  4. What is the etymology of "anatomy"?
    "ana" means up and "tomy" means to cut
  5. What is a simple, but useful difinition of anatomy?
    the study of biological structure
  6. What is the science of relating and interpreting observed biological structures?
  7. What is a simple, but useful definition of physiology?
    the study of biological function or the study of life's processes
  8. What is a simple, but useful definition of biology?
    the study of life
  9. How do anatomy and physiology relate to biology?
    they are specialties within biology
  10. What are three important attributes of the scientific method?
    confidence, honesty, and humility
  11. What is an anecdote?
    a short narrative of an interesing, amusing, or biographical incident
  12. Is anecdotal evidence useless?
    No. It may be used to form an hypothesis
  13. What are the two general types of knowledge within the base of knowledge of science?
    personal & universal
  14. What is a hypothesis?
    something that is testable
  15. What is the key characteristic of an hypothesis used in the scientific method?
  16. What is the key characeristic of the data collected for use in the scientific method?
  17. In what type of publication are scientific findings communicated within science?
    peer-reviewed journals
  18. Science is a way of knowing. What is it limited to?
    the natural world
  19. Based on the scientific method, what are some important characteristics of the type of information that would be best to use in evaluating issues related to science?
    peer-review research
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