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  1. What is Micro Evolution?
    • * Evolution�s Smallest Scale
    • * Change in Allele Frequency in a Population over Generations
  2. What are Three Main Causes That Change Allele Frequency?
    • * Natural Selection
    • * Genetic Drift- Chance Events
    • * Gene Flow
  3. What is Gene Flow?
    -Transfer of Alleles Between Populations
  4. Gene Variability can be Quantified as�
    • -The Avg Heterozygosity
    • -The Avg Percent of loci that are Heterozygous
  5. Cline
    -Gradient Change in a Character Along a Geographic Axis
  6. Mutation
    • * Ultimate Source for New Allele
    • * A Change in the Nucleotide Sequence of an Organisms DNA
  7. Mutation in Plants and Fungi are �
    -More Likely to Occur in Cell Lines That Produce Gametes, Allowing them to be Passed On
  8. Mutation in Animals
    -Most Are Lost When The Individual Dies
  9. New Mutation That Alter PHnotype are Usually�
  10. Point Mutations______cause any change.
  11. Hardy Weinberg Equilibrium
    -Principle Frequency of alleles and genotypes in a population will remain constant from generation to generation provided that Mundelein segregation and recombination of alleles are at work.
  12. Required for Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium
    • * No Mutation
    • * Random Mating
    • * No Natural Selection
    • * Extremely Large Population
    • * No Gene Flow
  13. Founder Effect
    When a few individuals become isolated from a large population, this smaller group may establish a new population whose gene pool differs from the source population.
  14. Bottleneck Effect
    Sudden Change in Environment Drastically Reduces Size of Population
  15. Due to Frequency, ______________ is More Likely Than ______________ to Alter Allele Frequency Directly.
    Gene Flow, Mutation
  16. One�s Strength and Health is an ______________ Which Can Lead to Greater Relative Fitness.
    Adaptive Advantage
  17. Relative Fitness
    The Contribution an Individual Makes to The Gene Pool of the Next Generation Relative to The Contribution of Other Individuals
  18. Disruptive Selection Favors�?
    Phenotype Extremes
  19. Stabalizing Selection Favors�?
    Intermediate Phenotypes.
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