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  1. At 10:17 left in the pre-game warm-up period. the visiting team submits the names and numbers of all team members and designated their starting players. At the 10:00 minute mark when the Referee arrives to check the scorebook, the visiting team is not listed in the scorebook. The official charges the visiting team a technical foul. Is the official correct?
    No. (10-1-1) A team shall not fail to supply the SCORER with the name and number of each team member who may participate and designate the five starting players at least 10 minutes before the scheduled starting time. DOES NOT have to be in the scorebook, just has to be in the possession of the SCORER.
  2. A-7 misses the bus to the game and will arrive at the game late. The Referee has the official scorer erase the players name from the scorebook stating that only team members in uniform may be listed. Is the official correct?
    No. (4-34-2)
  3. A-3 is injured and not in uniform. A-3 joins fellow team members for the on-court pre-game warm-up routine. Since A-3 is a team member, the officials allow her to warm-up with the team. Are the Officials correct?
    No. (4-34-4) A team member is a member of bench personnel who is in uniform and is eligible to become a player.
  4. As the Referee enters the center circle to administer the jump ball, it is proper procedure to verbally state to the players "Hold Your Spots" before administering the toss. Is this correct?
    No. ( 6-2, Mechanics Manual 31) When the offical is ready and until the ball is tossed, nonjumpers shall not: a. Move onto the center restraining circle, and b. Change position around the center restrainign circle. Nonjumpers are allowed to move backwards.
  5. On the jump ball to the start the game between A-1 and B-1, the Referee tosses the ball straight up to an acceptable height. Both A-1 and B-1 make an attempt to tap the ball, but miss badly. The ball on its downward flight hits A-1 on the shoulder and is recovered by A-3. The officials allow play to continue and the arrow is set toward Team B's basket.
    Yes. (6-3-6) The tossed ball must be touched by one or both of the jumpers after it reaches its highest point. If the ball contacts the floor without being touched by at least one of the jumpers, the Referee shall toss it again.
  6. A-1 is fouled in the act of shooting and has a small amount of blood on his/her jersey. The officials stop the game and allow a trainer to quickly rectify the situation. A-1 is allowed to continue. Are the offcials correct?
    No. (3-3-7) A player who is bleeding , has an open wound, ahs any amount of blood on his/her uniform, or has blood on his/her person, shall be directed to leave the game until the nleeding is stopped, the wound is covered, the uniform and/or body is appropriately cleaned, and/or the unfrom is changed before returning to competition, unless a timeout is requested by, and granted to, his/her team and the situation can be corrected by the end of the time-out.
  7. A-1, while dribbling in the backcourt throws a pass to the frontcourt. While standing in A's frontcourt, B-2 deflects the ball back into the backcourt where A-1 catches the ball in the air. The official rules this a legal play. Is the official correct?
    Yes. (9-9-1) A player shall not be the first to touch a ball after it has been in team control in the frontcourt, if he/she or a teammate last touched or was touched by the ball in the frontcourt before it went into the backcourt.
  8. While A-1 is dribbling the ball from backcourt to frontcourt, he/she has forward foot and ball in the frontcourt while back foot remains in the backcourt. The officla continues the ten second count. Is the official correct?
    Yes. (4-1) A ball which is in contact with a player or with the court is in the backcourt if either the ball or player is touching the backcourt.
  9. A-2 catches a throw-in pass while straddling the division line. A-2 lifts the foot from the backcourt and starts a dribble. The thrown ball hits the division line and returns and hits A-2's hand. The official rules this a legal play.
    No. (9)
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