Med Terms Ch. 7 (173 bottom-183 top) Quiz 2

  1. cardiopulmonary bypass
    • heart-lung bypass
    • method used to divert blood away from the heart and lungs temporarily when surgery of the heart and major vessels are performed. A heart-lung pump collects the blood, replenishes it with oxygen, and returns it to the body.
  2. sinoatrial node (SA)
    natural pacemaker of the heart
  3. cardio version
    restoring the heart's normal rhythm using electrical shock, may be used when drug therapy is ineffective in treating a cardiac dysrhythmia.
  4. cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
    recommended as an emergency first-aid procedure to reestablish heart and lung action if breathing or heart action has stopped
  5. thrombolytic agent
    dissolve the clot
  6. heparin or coumandin
  7. angioplasty
    surgical repair of blood vessels that have become damaged by disease or injury
  8. aortoplasty
    surgical repair of the aorta
  9. phleb ectomy
    surgical excision of a vein or a segment of it
  10. hemorrhoid ectomy
    surgical excision of a hemorrhoid
  11. antiarrhythmic drugs
    prevent, alleviate, or correct an abnormal heart rhythm
  12. Digoxin
    well-known drug prescribed in the treatment of congestive heart failure and certain arrhythmias
  13. vasodilators
    medications that cause dilation of blood vessels
  14. nitroglycerin
    a coronary vasodilator
  15. antihypertensives
    agents that are used to reduce high blood pressure
  16. diuretics
    used and act to reduce the blood volume through greater excretion of water by the kidneys
  17. antilipidemic drugs
    • anti- = against
    • -emic = pertaining to blood
    • prescribed to lower cholesterol levels in the blood, which is generally considered to coincide with a lower incidence of coronary heart disease
  18. primary function of the lymphatic system
    collect fluid that escapes from the blood capillaries and return it to circulation
  19. lymph/o
    either to the lymphatics or to the fluid lymph, which is the fluid transported by the lymphatic vessels
  20. 6 components of the lymphatic system
    • 1. lymph vessels
    • 2. lymph nodes - small knots of tissue at intervals
    • 3. tonsils - masses of lymphatic tissue in the depressions of the mucous membranes of the pharynx (palatine tonsils is tonsill/o vs pharyngeal tonsils are adenoids)
    • 4. thymus
    • 5. spleen
  21. information on lymphatic system
    right lymphatic duct receives fluid from the upper right quadrant of the body and empties into the right subclavian vein. thoracic duct, begins with cisterna chyli, collects fluid from the rest of the body and empties it into the left subclavian vein.
  22. lymphatic carcinoma
    • cancer occurring within the lymphatic system
    • usually cancer spreads to the lymphatics from another site rather than originating there
  23. lymph oma
    • lymph/o = lymphatic
    • -oma = tumor
    • general term for cancer originating within the lymphatic system
  24. lymph ang itis
    • angi/o = vessel
    • -itis = inflammation
    • an acute or chronic inflammation of lymphatic vessels and can be caused by various microorganisms
  25. lymphangiography
    radiography of the lymphatic vessels and nodes after injection of a radiopaque substance has made them visible on x-ray
  26. lymphedema
    accumulation of lymph in tissue and the resultant swelling is called lymphedema
  27. lymphangiograms
    useful for checking the integrity of the lymphatic system in lymphedema and for investigating the spread of malignant tumors
  28. T/F
    lymphatic system were once considered to be glands
    • FALSE. it was lymph nodes!!!
    • so the word part aden/o often appears in terms related to lymph nodes.
  29. lymphadenitis
    inflammation of the lymph nodes
  30. lymphadenopathy
    • -pathy = disease
    • any disease of the lymph nodes
  31. lymphadenoma
    • -oma = swelling (or tumor in other cases)
    • enlargement of a lymph node
  32. tonsillitis
    inflammation of the tonsils
  33. spleno megaly
    • splen/o = spleen
    • -megaly = enlargement
    • enlarged spleen and has many causes
  34. lymph aden ectomy
    excision of a lymph node
  35. context: word part
  36. context: word part
    neck (or the uterine cervix)
  37. context: word part
  38. context: word part
    lymphatics. easy one, get this right.
  39. context: word part
    spleen ... darn so sure it was splenda
  40. context: word part
    thrombus, blood clot
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