English9 final(1)vocab.txt

  1. Receding
    becoming more distant
  2. Disarming
    removing or lessening suspicions or fears
  3. Prolonged
  4. Imprudent
  5. Surmounted
    over came
  6. Unruffled
    not disturbed
  7. Invariably
    always without changing
  8. Diverting
  9. Impulse
    sudden desire to do something
  10. Protruding
    sticking out
  11. Inaugurating
    formally beginning
  12. Exhilerates
  13. Dilapidated
    shabby; falling apart
  14. Paraphernalia
    equipment; gear
  15. Sacrilegious
    disrespectful toward religion
  16. Carnage
    Widespread killing or slaughter
  17. Prosaic
  18. Disposition
    usual frame of mind; temperament
  19. Suffuse
    Spread over or through
  20. Noncommital
    not admitting or commiting to any purpose or point of view
  21. Embodies
    conveys the impression of; represents
  22. Odyssey
    extende journey marked by wandering, adventure, and changes of fortune
  23. Litany
    repetative prayer or recitation
  24. Incantation
    chant of words or phrases that is meant to produce a magical result
  25. Stifled
  26. Scourge
    cause of serious trouble or great suffering
  27. Polytheism
    belief in mre than one god
  28. Ramparts
    broad embankments surrounding a castle, fort, or cityfor defense against attack
  29. Supplication
    humble plea or request
  30. Enunciate
    pronounce; articulate
  31. Arid
    lacking enough water for many types of plants to grow; dry
  32. Futile
    useless; vaine
  33. Impoverished
    poor; poverty-stricken
  34. Poignantly
    with a sharp sadness or pain; movingly
  35. Clarity
  36. Placidly
  37. Inciting
    stirring up
  38. Malicious
    showing a desire to harm another; spiteful
  39. Contrition
    deep feeling of guilt and repentance
  40. Precipitous
    very steep
  41. Acquiesced
    accepted; complied with
  42. Marauders
    people who roam in search of loot or goods to steal
  43. Exasperation
    great annoyance
  44. Pious
    showing religious devotion
  45. Restorted
    replied sharply
  46. Condolences
    exspression of sympathy
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