English Midterm

  1. The First Murder
    Why did God accept Abel's offering and not Cain's offering?
    Abel had a better attitude and wanted to give. Cain felt obligated to give a gift. Abel gave a blood offering and Cain didn't.
  2. Jacob
    Jason's father
  3. Jacob was also called...
  4. Ishmaelites
    Egyptian traders who bought Joseph for 20 pieces of silver
  5. Potiphar
    Courtier of Pharoah
  6. Potiphar's Wife
    Wanted to lay with Joseph
  7. How did the Hewbrews think God talked to them?
    • Sacrifices
    • Dreams and Visions
    • Nature- Job and the world wind
  8. Why does Jacob not turn against God?
    • He is honored to be chosen by God to suffer
    • He speaks directly to God
  9. Give examples of how God's punishment is temperred w/mercy?
    • Adam- banished from the garden; but his life was spared. He has to work to earn everything and was told that his crops won't yield all the time.
    • Eve- now has to experience childbirth pangs; but new life will be created.
    • Serpent- has to slide on his belly and eat dirt.
    • Cain- has to wander the earth but put a mark of protection so that he will not be slain.
    • Joseph- punished b/c of his boasting and attitude.
  10. Reason's why people suffer
    • A test of faith
    • Leading example/testimony
    • Adam and Eve's fault
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