Vocab 10

  1. aquatic
    • Growing or living in water
    • Water lillies are aquatic plants
    • Don in water
    • Water polo is an aquatic sport
  2. assert
    • To say firmly or declare
    • I assert my innocence
    • Assertion - n, Assertive - adj
  3. avert
    • To turn away
    • Traffic was averted at the Grapevine because it was snowing
    • To keep from happening
    • I averted danger by staying out of the scary neighborhood
  4. bleak
    • Without much hope
    • It looks bleak that I will get an A in vocabulary.
    • Cold and dreary
    • Jenny moved here to escape the bleak weather in New York.
  5. blithe
    • Cheerful, carefree
    • Little children are blithe because they do not have homework.
    • Not showing proper care, heedless
    • He showed a blithe negligence when he wandered into the bad neighborhood.
  6. docile
    • Well behaved, easy to handle
    • We picked kitty because she was the most docile cat of the litter.
  7. dwindle
    • To become less and less, get smaller
    • My savings account will dwindle if I keep buying video games
  8. lethal
    • Deadly
    • A gun is a lethal weapon
  9. monitor
    • To watch closely and frequenty
    • Michael Jackson's doctor did not monitor his condition well enough.
    • A video screen
    • The monitor on the laptop needs to be handled with care.
  10. mutilate
    • To hurt or damage by cutting
    • Kids playing with scissors can mutilate their belongings.
  11. nimble
    • Able to move quickly and easily
    • Gymnasts are nimble when doing routines.
    • Clever, quick thinking
    • His nimble mind always comes up with clever responses.
  12. plight
    • Difficult or dangerous situation
    • Hannah's plight to make it to level 6 is bleak.
  13. ponderous
    • Heavy and slow moving
    • An elephant takes ponderous steps.
  14. verge
    • On the edge of, close to
    • One wrong move on the beam puts you on the verge of falling off.
  15. vigilant
    • Watching closely, ready for danger
    • If Michael Jackson's doctor had been more vigilant with his care, the singer might still be alive.
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