WHAP chap. 17

  1. English philosopher, who discussed theconcept of
    empiricism in his Essay Concerning Human
    Understanding (1690). He influenced
    political thought, esp inFrance and America,
    with his Two Treatises on Governments
    life liberty ....
    John locke
  2. rench political philosopher. ]Hischief works are the satirical
    Lettres persanes (1721) andL'Esprit des
    lois (1748), a comparative analysis of
    various formsof government, which had a
    profound influence on politicalthought in Europe
    and the US
  3. criticism of religion - deism god is divine clockmaker
  4. vindication of the rights of women , subjection of wormn by men wrong
    mary wollstonecraft
  5. french , encyclopdeida , spread ideas of enlightenment , condemended christianity as fanatical
  6. scottish , wealth of nations , laissez-faire ,favored capitalism
    adam smith
  7. state should not interfere with economic matters
    laissez faire
  8. swiss , social contract-people will follow lasws and give up personal rights in exhange for security
    jean-jacques rousseau
  9. an industry in which employees work in their
    own homes
    cottage industry
  10. well versed in enlightenemnt abolished torture , granted limiteed free speech , complete religious tolerance
    Frederick II , the great
  11. Maria comes to throne , but Frederick II of prussia takes advange of female ruler and atteacks
    war of the Austrian succession
  12. french and indian war ....Prussia and Austria over silesia France and elgnand over colonial territory, - Brithish win and french refouces there esterna interset on southeast asia , treaty of paris
    seven years war
  13. napolean imprissoned at Elba , escaped but defeated by Brithish general at wellington at warloo 1815
  14. governors of the spanish colonies
  15. placed Canada and teh french lands east of miss. river in British hands France allys with sapin also had to cede Florida to Britian
    Treaty of Paris
  16. was a direct tax imposed by the British Parliament specifically on the colonies of British America.
    Stamp Act
  17. 1781-ratified loose confederation of independent states
    Articles of Confederation
  18. gave nobles charter and exempted from tax , epanded by defeationg Turks
    Catherine II the great
  19. direct tax on french pesants
    The taille
  20. commoners, skilled workers , bourgeoisie no real social mobility
    the third estate
  21. middle class
    the bourgeoisie
  22. calls estate general , executed
    Louis XVI
  23. was the first meeting since 1614 of the French Estates-General, a general assembly representing the French estates of the realm: the nobility, the Church, and the common people.
  24. attacked by the prison , represented aristocratic and absolute power of king .......july 14th 1789
    the Bastille
  25. french constitution , ended surfdom , ended tax exempt nobles
    declaration of the rights of man and the citizen
  26. a jacobin who heade thte "committee of public safety" paid no attention to democratic constitution , arrested and put to death all those who did not follow revolutionarly ideas
    maximilien robespierre
  27. executive government in France during the Reign of Terror (1793–1794), a stage of the French Revolution. It was set up to oversee the defense of the new republic against foreign attacks and internal rebellion.
    committee of public safety
  28. education for all , slaabery abolished price fixing , dechristinization
    reign of terror
  29. was a body of five Directors that held executive power in France following the Convention and preceding theConsulate.
    the directory
  30. seized power by military , created the consolate with napolean consul , emperor tried to invade russia
    Napleaon Bonaparte
  31. reconized the principle of equality , women still less = , religious toleration, abolished feudalism protected prperty rights
    civil code
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