History World War One Terms

  1. Kaiser Wilhelm II
    Announced that U-boats would sink all ships in British Waterr-hostile or neutral.
  2. Central Powers
    Middle Eastern lands: Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire, and Bulgaria.
  3. No Mans Land
    Area of ground between trenches, cautioned to peer over trench to this in case of snipers.
  4. Propaganda
    Information designed to influence opinion. Skillfully used by the British to sway the American support to their side.
  5. Armistice
    Signed by Germany and it ceased fire and ended the war.
  6. Unrestricted Submarine Warfare
    German U-boat captains torpedoed Allied merchant and passenger craft without warning.
  7. Bonds
    Helped to pay for the war. Two types: victory and liberty. If bought Americans were loaning the government money and it was an act of patriotism if bought. In all over $20 million dollars were borrowed
  8. Selective Service Act
    When they realized a draft was necessary this was created as a new system of conscription (forced military service). All men between 21-30 were registered and a lottery determined order called before a draft board that selected or exempted people from military service.
  9. Convoy system
    Merchant vessels that travel in a large group with a guard of circling destroyers and cruisers.
  10. John J. Pershing
    Commanded the American Expeditionary Force. Wanted Americans to fight as an entire unit. Also wanted to get movement going.
  11. Self-determination
    Ethnic and National groups like Croats and Poles should be able to decide their own future.
  12. Mandate System
  13. Henry Cabot Lodge
  14. Woodrow Wilson
    Came up with a plan for world peace called: Wilsons Fourteen Points
  15. Allies
    Triple entente made of France, Great Britian, and Russia. Later U.S and Serbia as well.
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