Superior Mesenteric Vessels

  1. How long is the duodenum?
    12 fingerwidths
  2. What lies behind the greater omentum?
  3. Where does the jejunum start?
  4. Which region is the jejunum in?
    Umbilical region
  5. Which region is the ilium in?
    Right iliac fossa
  6. What has short arterial arcades and long terminal branches?
  7. Where can you find plicae circularis?
    In the jejunum
  8. What has tall arterial arcades and short terminal branches?
  9. Where can you find peyer’s patches?
  10. Name the 4 layers of the intestine
    • Mucosa
    • Submucosa
    • Muscularas externa
    • Adventitia
  11. What are the layers of the mucosa?
    • Epithelium
    • Connective tissue
    • Muscularis mucosa
  12. Where can you find Meissner’s plexus?
  13. What does Meissner’s plexus innervate?
    Muscularis mucosa
  14. What are the layers of the muscularis externa?
    • Inner circular muscles
    • Outer longitudinal muscles
  15. Where can you find Aurbach’s plexus?
    Between the circular and longitudinal muscles
  16. Which region is the cecum in?
    Right iliac fossa
  17. Where is mcBurney’s point?
    1/3 distance between ASIS and umbilicus
  18. What is McBurney’s point?
    Base of appendix
  19. What is a faecolith?
    A hard but of feces
  20. Where does appendicitis pain start?
  21. What kind of structure is the primitive gut?
  22. Where can you absolutely NOT find plicae or villi?
    In the colon (obviously)
  23. What are the fatty bits that cover the colon?
    Appendices epiplocae
  24. What are the bands of longitudinal muscle covering the colon called?
    Taenia coli
  25. Where do the taenia coli go?
    Appendix to where the rectum meets the colon
  26. What are the branches of the superior mesenteric artery?
    • Inferior pancreaticoduodenal artery
    • Jejunal and Ileal arteries
    • Middle Colic, right colic, ileocolic, cecal, appendicular artery
  27. What are the branches of the Inferior Mesenteric Artery?
    • Left colic artery
    • Sigmoid arteries
    • Superior rectal artery
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