1. What shape is the stomach?
  2. What are the two openings called?
    • Cardiac orifice
    • Pyloric orifice
  3. What are the two curvatures called?
    • Greater curvature
    • Lesser curvature
  4. Where is the body of the stomach?
    From cardiac orifice to the notch
  5. Where is the pyloric antrum?
    From the notch to the pylorus
  6. What is the pylorus?
    Tubular bit of the distal stomach
  7. What surrounds the pylorus?
    The pyloric sphincter
  8. What are the ligaments of the stomach?
    • Lesser omentum
    • Gastrosplenic ligament
    • Gastro-phrenic ligament
    • Greater omentum
  9. Where does the lesser omentum run?
    From lesser curvature to liver
  10. Where does the gastro splenic ligament go?
    From upper greater curvature to spleen
  11. What does the gastrosplenic ligament contain?
    • Short gastric vessels
    • Left gastro-epiploic vessels
  12. Where does the gastrophrenic ligament go?
    From the fundus to diaphram
  13. Where does the greater omentum go?
    From lower greater curvature to transverse colon
  14. What are the layers of the muscular wall?
    • Longitudinal fibers
    • Circular fibers
    • Oblique fibers
  15. Where are the longitudinal fibers?
    Along curvatures
  16. Where are the circular fibers?
    Around the stomach but not in the fundus
  17. What are rugae?
    Longitudinal folds of mucus membrane
  18. What are the anterior relations of the stomach?
    • Anterior abdominal wall
    • Diaphragm
    • Left lobe of liver
  19. What are the posterior relations of the stomach?
    • Lesser sac
    • Diaphram
    • Spleen
    • Left super-renal gland
    • Left kidney
    • Splenic artery
    • Pancreas
    • Transverse mesocolon
    • Transverse colon
  20. What are the 3 divisions of the GI tract?
    • Foregut
    • Midgut
    • Hindgut
  21. Where is the foregut?
    • Lower third of eusophagus to 2nd part of duodenum
    • 2nd part of duodenum to distal third of transverse colon
    • Distal third of tranverse colon to helf way down anal canal
  22. What is the blood supply of the stomach?
    Branches of celiac trunk
  23. What is the lymph drainage of the stomach?
    Celiac nodes
  24. Where does the lienorenal ligament go?
    From the spleen to the left kidney
  25. What does the lienorenal ligament contain?
    Splenic vessels and tail of pancreas
  26. What shape is the duodenum?
    C-shaped tube
  27. What does the duodenum do?
    Connects stomach to jejunum
  28. How long is the duodenum?
    10 inches
  29. How many parts are in the duodenum?
    4 parts
  30. What is the pneumonic for the duodenum?
    1-2, 3-4, 2-3, 4-1
  31. What is the blood supply to the duodenum?
    • 1st half supplied by superior pancreaticoduodenal
    • 2nd half supplied by inferior pancreaticoduodenal
  32. What are the anterior relations of the duodenum?
    • Transverse colon
    • Transverse mesocolon
    • Peritoneum
    • Neck of the gallbladder
    • Quadrate lobe of the liver
    • Superior mesenteric artery and vein
  33. What are the posterior relations of the duodenum?
    • IVC
    • Aorta
    • Hilum of right kidney
    • Right ureter
    • Right psoas muscle
  34. What is the lymph drainage of the duodenum?
    • Upper half: celiac nodes
    • lower half: superior mesenteric nodes
  35. State 3 ways cancer can spread
    • Lymph
    • Venous drainage
    • Direct spread
  36. What is the pneumonic for the spleen?
    1x3x5x7 9, 10, 11
  37. Where is the spleen?
    • IN the left hypochondrium,
    • ON the posterior abdominal wall
  38. What is the blood supply to the spleen?
    Splenic artery
  39. Which two veins join to make the portal vein?
    Superior mesenteric and splenic vein
  40. What is the lymph drainage of the spleen?
    Celiac nodes
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