Niamh Cullen Tech Y8 nails, glue and wood

  1. Nails:
    What are they normally made from? Name 3 types and say what they're used for.
    • Nails are normally made form mild steel.
    • Three types:
    • ROUND WIRE - for cheap constuction work
    • OVAL WIRE - for better quality work
    • PANEL PIN - for fixing thin sheet material
  2. Nails:
    What's the main difference between Round Wire nails and Oval Wire nails?
    The heads in Oval nails can be hammered in below the surface, whereas the heads of Roundwire nails cannot.
  3. Nails:
    What is a nail punch used for?
    To punch nails in below the surface.
  4. Glues:
    What does PVA stand for?
    Poly vinyl acetate.

    It's a white creamy glue and is the most commonly used type of glue.
  5. Glues:
    When using PVA to glue joints together, why do you need to wipe off excess glue with a paper towel?
    Because it's very difficult to remove once it's set (after about 4 hours).
  6. Glues:
    What are the two types of PVA?
    Waterproof and non-waterproof PVA
  7. Glues and nails:
    What's the process for joining two pieces of wood together using glue and nails?
    • 1. hold one piece securely in a vice
    • 2. get the nails started in the other piece of wood
    • 3. put a THIN LAYER of glue on both touching surfaces
    • 4. position and hammer in the nails
    • 5. wipe off any excess glue
  8. Woods:
    Name the three types and state where they come from.
    • Hardwood - comes from broad-leaf decidious trees eg OAK, ELM
    • Softwood - comes from conifer trees.
    • Manufactured - from factories!
  9. Woods:
    Name the four types of manufactured board.
    • plywood
    • blockboard
    • chipboard
    • hardboard
  10. Woods:
    What is plywood and what is it used for?
    Plywood is made by sticking "veneers" together.

    It's used for toys and the bottoms of drawers.
  11. Woods:
    How is blockboard made and what is it used for?
    Blockboard is made by sticking many thin layers of softwood side by side, then sticking a thin veneer on each side.

    It is used for making modern furniture.
  12. Woods:
    How is chipboard made and what is it used for?
    Chipboard is made by gluing thousands of tiny bits of wood.

    It is used with a front veneer for kitchen cupboards.
  13. Woods:
    What is hardboard and what is it used for?
    Hardboard is made by gluing and compressing pulped wood.

    It is used for large areas like the backs of cupboards.
  14. Woods:
    Name two types of hardwood and give example of uses.
    • Mahogany hardwood - used for high quality furniture
    • Beech hardwood - used for workbenches.
  15. Woods:
    Name two types of softwood and give example of their uses.
    • Redwood - honey colour - house roofs and window frames
    • Parana pine - pale yellow - staircases.
  16. Woods:
    What is the purpose of seasoning wood?
    To clear out water from the tree.
  17. Woods:
    How is the age of a tree found?
    By counting it's annual rings.
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