Hungarian Lesson 028

  1. -ás/-és
    Used with verbal roots

    • Abstract action
    • -ing
    • Result of an action

    tudás = knowledge, ability (to do something)
  2. -at/-et
    Used with verbal roots

    Result of a verbal root

    felel = to answer, felelet = an answer
  3. -alom/-elem
    Attached to verbal or other stems to make collective or abstract nouns.

    hat (hata, hatat, hatak) = back, spine hatalom = power
  4. -(o)mány/-(e)mény
    Attached to verb stems to denote the result of an action

    tudomány = science
  5. -vány/-vény
    Added to a verb stem to denote the result or product of an action.

    látni = to see, látvány = sight
  6. -ász/-ész
    Forms nouns with the meaning of an occupation

    hal = fish, halász = fisherman
  7. -ászat/-észet
    Field of work for an occupation

    nyelv = tongue, language, nyelvészet = linguistics
  8. -ista
    • Belonging to the general activity or school of the root
    • -ist

    alkohol = alcohol alkoholista = alcoholic

    kapitalista = capitalist
  9. -s
    • -s requires a linking vowel (Pl. nom. one)
    • -s lenghtens a final -a or -e
    • Person who works at or with the root of the noun

    asztal = table, asztalos = carpenter
  10. -ság/-ség
    • Makes nouns out of adjectives and other nouns
    • -ness
    • -hood
    • Makes collective nouns

    anya = mother anyaság = motherhood
  11. -né

    Jánosné = Mrs. János
  12. -ék
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Hungarian Lesson 028
Noun suffixes: -ás, -at, -alom, -mány, -vány, -ász, -ászat, -ista, -s, -ság, -né, -ék