Hinduism and Buddhism Review Sheet

  1. What is reincarnation?
    Rebirth. An individual soul or spirit is born again and again until a perfect understanding is achieved
  2. What is enlightenment?
  3. What is karma?
    Good or bad deeds of a soul that follow from one reincarnation to another. Karma influences specific life circumstances.
  4. What is Dharma?
    Buddhist doctrine or teachings. Help make up the “Three Jewels” of Buddhism.
  5. What is Nirvana?
    Release from selfishness and pain, which could be achieved by following the Eightfold Path.
  6. What is Jainism?
    The founder was Mahavira. Mahavira believed that everything in the universe has a soul and should not be harmed. Jains have a tradition of working in trade and commerce. Because of their business activities, Jains today make up one of the wealthiest communities in India. Jains have preached tolerance of all religions. Therefore, they have made few efforts to convert followers of their faiths, and did not send out missionaries.
  7. 4 Noble Truths
    The four main ideas laid out by Buddha that he had come to understand in his enlightenment.
  8. Eightfold Path
    A guide to behavior, which was like a starcase.
  9. What was Moksha?
    Perfect understanding, which is achieved when a person understands the relationship between atman and Brahman. Liberation from desires and suffering.
  10. Upanishads
    Hindu teachers tried to interpret and explain the hidden meaning of the Vedic hymns. Their comments were later written down and became known as the Upanishads. The Upanishads are written as dialogues between a student and teacher.
  11. Who was Siddhartha Gautama and what did he do?
    He was the founder of Buddhism. He was born into a noble family. He was isolated in his palace by his father to insure he would be a great king. He left the palace and wandered through the forests of India for six years seeking wisdom. After 49 days of meditation, he achieved an understanding of the cause of suffering in this world.
  12. Vishnu
    The world soul, Brahman, was seen as having the personalities of three gods. Vishnu was one of the gods, and was the protector. He also took on many forms or personalities.
  13. Shiva
    The world soul, Brahman, was seen as having the personalities of three gods. Shiva was one of the gods, and was the destroyer.
  14. Brahma
    The world soul was seen as having the personalities of three gods. Brahma was on of the gods and was the creator.
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Hinduism and Buddhism Review Sheet
Hinduism and Buddhism Review Sheet