1. Eyepiece (ocular lens)
    Magnifies 10x
  2. Body tube
    Carries filtered light from objective lens to ocular lens.
  3. Coarse adjustment knob
    Generally focuses specimen.
  4. Fine adjustment knob
    Preisely focuses specimen.
  5. Nosepiece
    Holds objective lenses, adjustable.
  6. Objectives
    Variable magnifying lenses.
  7. Stage clip *not on test*
    Holds slides in place, adjusts location.
  8. Arm
    Connects magnifying lenses to base of microscope.
  9. Stage
    Location of specimen.
  10. Mechanical stage
    Holds slide/specimen in place, allows for slight rearragement of location.
  11. Iris diaphragm
    Allow increase or decrease of light through condenser.
  12. Condenser
    Concentrates light rays on specimen. (the cone)
  13. Inclination Joint *not on test*
    Point of arm adjustment (bends).
  14. Pillar
    Connects base to stage.
  15. Base
    Foot of microscope.
  16. Substage adjustment lever
    Adjusts height of condenser.
  17. Mirror
    Reflects light through condenser.
  18. Low power objective lense
  19. High power objective lense
  20. Oil immersion objective lense
  21. Storage of Microscope
    • 1. Condenser down.
    • 2. Clean off objectives with lens tissue.
    • 3. Place 10x objective over stage opening.
    • 4. Lower body tube with coarse adjustment knob (all the way down). Place cover over microscope.
  22. Parafocal
    • Microscopes are constructed so that changing from a lower to higher magnification requires only an adjustment with the fine adjustment knob.
    • Always focus on 10x first before going on to 45x or 97x. Locate the area of the slide you wish to examine under low power.
  23. Focusing a parfocal microscope
    • 1. Place microscope 8-14 inches away from light source.
    • 2. Raise condenser all the way up.
    • 3. Adjust the iris diaphragm all the way open and adjust the mirror so the brightest possible light comes through the glass top of the condenser.
    • 4. Lower condeser half a turn.
    • 5. Place slide on stage.
    • 6. Looking from the side, lower the 10x objective as close to the slide as possible without touching.
    • 7. To focus, look into the eyepiece and turn coarse adjustment knob toward yourself slowly.
    • 8. Bring into clear focus with the fine adjustment knob.
  24. Focal Length
    • Measured in mm the distance between the slide and the objective lens when slide is in focus.
    • Low 10x = 16mm
    • High 45x = 4mm
    • Oil 97x = 1.8mm
  25. Numeric Aperture
    • *As NA increases, resolving power increases, depth of focus decreases.*
    • Low 10x = .25
    • High 45x = .66
    • Oil 97x = 1.25
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