Economics: Stock Market/ Titan Game

  1. What is the difference between a bull and a bear?
    • bulls expect market to rise
    • bears expect market to fall
  2. What has Heddy Green referred to as?
    "The Witch of Wall Street"
  3. What is short selling?
    Betting against a company
  4. Who was the biggest stock investor in the NYSE?
    J. P. Morgan
  5. Of how many companies is the DJIA an average of?
  6. Who was the first SEC chairman?
    President Kennedy's father
  7. When and Why did Merrill Lynch become popular?
    1950s; it provided info to help middle-class investors
  8. What earned Markwitz the Nobel Prize?
    Stock Diversification Strategy
  9. What were installed to stop automatic trading?
    circuit breakers
  10. When was the largest single day drop in stock market history? Why?
    • October 19, 1987
    • computers automatically sold low stocks
  11. What is NASDAQ?
    electronic stock exchange
  12. Why did Richard Whitney go to Sing-Sing jail in 1929?
    As President of the NYSE, he stole money
  13. What three inventions helped news of stock prices travel fast?
    • railroad
    • telephone
    • stock ticker
  14. What should you determine before you start The Game?
    your price/volume strategy
  15. Marketing creates what for products?
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Economics: Stock Market/ Titan Game