American Exerience 1920s

  1. What did President Harding say we should return to in the 1920s?
  2. what was the trial that was unfair and biased? ____________ and __________.
    sacco and vanzetti
  3. What was America's foreign policy?
  4. What internation peace alliance did the US not join?
    League of Nations
  5. Who were traditional religious people of the time?
  6. Fill in the blank. "The buisness of America is _____________."
  7. What new form of payment was introduced?
  8. what sort of a culture immerges?
    hero culture
  9. Who flew the plane over the Atlantic?
    Charles Lindbergh
  10. Who was a movie star?
    charles chaplin
  11. Who sold alcohol illegally?
    the mafia
  12. What was a hello girl?
    telephone operator
  13. Who was lost trying to fly around the world?
    Amelia Earhart
  14. Who was Duke Ellington?
    a jazz musician, composer and band leader
  15. Why were Americans ready to embrace the idea of heros in the 1920s?
    they wanted to go back to simpler past times
  16. Who was the first American to win the Nobel Prize in Literature?
    Sinclair Lewis
  17. Who were the three republican presidents of the 1920s?
    • Warren Harding
    • Calvin Coolidge
    • Herbert Hoover
  18. How much did Ford pay his workers?
  19. What were three industries created by the use of automobiles?
    • motels
    • trucking industry
    • roadside resturants/stops
  20. What type of media competed for readers?
  21. Which continent was explored by Admiral Richard Byrd?
  22. What was the name of the 1919 Supreme Court Case which defended the government's right to limit citizens freedom of speech during war?
    Schneck vs. United States
  23. What was a famous jazz club in Harlem?
    Cotton Club
  24. Which instrument did Dizzy Gillepsie play?
  25. Which amendment was the only one to be repealed?
  26. What were four groups targeted by the KKK?
    jews, blacks, catholics, immigrants
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