Vocabulary Unit 14

  1. Annex
    • (v)to add to, attach; to incorporate; (n) an attachment or addition
    • Synonyms: (v) join, acquire, appropriate, procure
  2. Cleave
    • (v) to cut or split open; to cling to
    • Synonyms: sever, halve, sunder, adhere, clasp
  3. Cordial
    • (adj) in a friendly manner, hearty; cheery; (n) a liqueur
    • Synonyms: (adj) hospitable, affable, warm, convivial
    • Antonyms: (adj) gruff, unfriendly, unsociable
  4. Cornerstone
    • (n) the starting point of a building; a fundamental principle or element
    • Synonyms: foundation, base, underpinning, support
  5. Debacle
    • (n) an overwhelming defeat, rout; a complete collapse or failure
    • Synonyms: disaster, fiasco, calamity
    • Antonyms: success, triumph, victory, coup
  6. Devitalize
    • (v) to make weak or lifeless
    • Synonyms: enfeeble, sap, enervate
    • Antonyms: enliven, stimulate, energize, excite
  7. Embroil
    • (v) to involve in a conflict or difficulty; to throw into confusion
    • Synonyms: entangle, ensnarl
    • Antonyms: disentangle, separate, disconnect
  8. Exonerate
    • (v) to clear from a charge or accusation
    • Synonyms: absolve, acquit, vindicate, exculpate
    • Antonyms: implicate, incriminate, inculpate
  9. Glib
    • (adj) ready and fluent in speech; thoughtless, insincere
    • Synonyms: superficial, pat, oily, unctuous, facile
    • Antonyms: halting, tongue-tied, speechless, awkward
  10. Haphazard
    • (adj) by chance, not planned; lacking order
    • Synonyms: random, accidental, slapdash
    • Antonyms: deliberate, purposeful, orderly, meticulous
  11. Improvize
    • (v) to compose or perform without preparation; to construct from available materials
    • Synonyms: ad-lib, extemporize
    • Antonyms: plan, rehearse, practice, prepare
  12. Incite
    • (v) to rouse, stir up, urge on
    • Synonyms: spur, kindle, provoke, instigate, prompt
    • Antonyms: check, curb, impede, restrain, smother
  13. Influx
    • (n)a coming in, inflow
    • Synonyms: inpouring, inrush, invasion
    • Antonyms: outpouring, exodus, departure
  14. Pallor
    • (n) an extreme or unnatural paleness
    • Synonyms: wanness, lividness, bloodlessness
    • Antonyms: flush, blush, rosiness, bloon
  15. Pedigree
    • (n) a list of ancestors, family tree; the history of origins of something
    • Synonyms: lineage, ancestry, genealogy
  16. Precipitous
    • (adj) very steep
    • Synonyms: sheer, abrupt, sharp
    • Antonyms: gradual, shallow, graded, incremental
  17. Profuse
    • (adj) very abundant; given or flowing freely
    • Synonyms: extravagant, lavish, bounteous, plenteous
    • Antonyms: sparse, scanty, meager, insufficient
  18. Reconcile
    • (v) to restore to friendship; to settle; to resign(oneself)
    • Synonyms: unite, conciliate
    • Antonyms: antagonize, alienate
  19. Shackle
    • (v) to into chains
    • (n, usually plural) a chain, fetter
    • Synonyms:(v) manacle, enslave; (n) handcuffs, bonds, irons
    • Antonyms:(v) free, unfetter, emancipate, liberate
  20. Threadbare
    • (adj) shabby, old and worn
    • Synonyms: frayed, speedy, ragged, shopworn
    • Antonyms: luxurious, plush, costly, sumptuous
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Vocabulary Unit 14
Vocabulary Unit 14