Dev. Psy. chapter 1

  1. Freud believed mind is divided into three regions, name them.
    • Id
    • Ego
    • Superego
  2. Do the three regions that Freud developed actually exist?
  3. Greatest contrubution of Freud was that our behavior may be shaped by:
    unconscious factors
  4. Major approaches to present-day psychology include the following 5:
    • 1. behavioral
    • 2. psychoanalytic
    • 3. cognitive
    • 4. sociocultural
    • 5. physiological
  5. Physiological is how the brain affects______ and how behavior affects the _____.
    • behavior
    • brain
  6. The clinical approach originated with who?
    Sigmund Freud
  7. The behavioral approach empashizes how behavior is shaped by the ___________.
  8. Who engaged in pioneering work within the behavioral approach using pigeons?
    B.F. Skinner
  9. Cognitive Approach is concerned with hoe _____, ________, and ________ affect our lives.
    • thoughts
    • memories
    • problem-solving
  10. Perceptions can be affected by one's _______ __________.
    emotional states
  11. The sociocultural approach emphasizes how ________, ________ and ______ influence our actions.
    • societal norms
    • roles
    • situations
  12. applied research
    research that helps to find practical solutions to immediate problems
  13. behavior modification
    a technique used to increase desirable behaviors and decrease unwanted ones
  14. behavioral perspective
    an approach that suggests that observable behavior and outside stimuli in the environment are the keys to understanding human development
  15. bioecological approach
    a perspective that suggests that a person is simultaneously influenced by different levels of the environmment
  16. case studies
    studies involving extensive, in-depth interviews with an individual or a small group
  17. Classical Conditioning
    when an organism responds in a certain way to a neutral stimulus- that would not normally happen
  18. Cognitive Development involves the ways that growth and change in ___________________ influence one's behavior
    intellectual capabilities
  19. Cognitive Neurocience Approaches examine cognitive development through the lens of _________.
    brain processes
  20. Cognitive Perspective focuses on he process that allow people to _____, _______, and _____ about the world.
    • know
    • understand
    • think
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