Science Vocab 4

  1. orbit
    path an object in space fallows as it revolves around another object
  2. galaxy
    million or billions of stars held together in a group by their own gravity
  3. universe
    space and all the matter and energy in it
  4. electromagnetic radiation
    energy that travels across distances as certain types of waves
  5. electromagnetic spectrum
    radiation from a source separated into a range of wavelengths; the range of colors that appear in a beam of visible light
  6. wavelength
    the distance between one peak and the next peak in a wave
  7. radio telescope
    type of telescope that has a curved metal surface, called a dish, that gathers radio waves and focuses them onto an antenna
  8. reflecting telescope
    type of telescope that has a curved mirror that gathers light and reflects the image off a second mirror to the eyepiece
  9. refracting telescope
    type of telescope that has an objective lens that gathers light and focuses it to the end of the tube where the eyepiece is located
  10. solar system
    the sun and its family of orbiting planets, moons, and other objects
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