chapter 7

  1. when cells break down food moleucels energy
    is temproarily stored in atp molecuels
  2. atp
    is essential for a cell to perform all the tasks necessary for life
  3. a substance produced during phtosynthesis that is used for completeion of cellular respiration is
  4. the process of cellular respiration
    breaks down food molecuels to release stored energy
  5. cellular respiration: organic compounds::
  6. when glycolysis occurs
    • glucose split
    • 2 molecules pyruvic acid made
    • some atp is produced
  7. the name of hte process that takes place when organic compounds are broken down in the absence of oxygen is
  8. when muscles are exercised extensively in the absence of sufficient oxygen
    lactic acid is produced
  9. cellular respiration takes place in two stages
    glycolysis, then aerobic respiration
  10. in cellular respiration a two carbon molecuel compines with a four carbon molecule to form citric acid is part of
    krebs cycle
  11. acetyl coenzyme a
    • enters krebs cycle
    • can be used in synthesis of needed molecules
    • is from the breakdown of pyruvic acid
  12. clycolysis and aerobic respiration are different in that
    glycolysis occurs in the absence of oxygen while aerobic respiration requires oxygen
  13. which of the following is not formed during the krebs cycle
  14. which of the following is no part of cellular respiration
    calvin cycle
  15. whith oxygen present the krebs cycle and hte elctron transport chain
    • provide organisms and alternative to glycolysis
    • produces most of the atp needed for life
    • break down all glucose to produce carbon dioxide water and atp
  16. water is an end product in
    electron transport chain
  17. krebs cycle: co2::;
    electron transport chaing: ATP
  18. atp molecules produced during aerobic respiration
    enter the cells cytoplasm through the membranes of the motochondria in which they are formed
  19. at the end of the electron transport chain
    the electrons combine wiht oxygen and protons to form water
  20. when living cells break down molecules energy is
    • stored as atp
    • stored as adp
    • releasedl asl heat
  21. in cellular respiration th emost energy is transferred during
    electron transport chain
  22. electrons are donated to the electron transport chain by
    atp and nadh
  23. ____is a biochemical pathway of cellular respiration that is anaerobic
  24. glucose is split into smaller molecuels during a biochemical pathway called
  25. in the absence of oxygen, glycolysis is followed by _____instead of aerobic respiration
  26. during fermentation either ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide ro_____is formed
    lactic acid
  27. the krebs cycle takes place in the ______
    mitochondrial matrix
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