1. what is the diff betwn voluntary and selevtive retraining?
    Amn inate vol reting, while selct reting is invol and concurrence of the amn is not rqd.
  2. What is the TPR?
    a docmnt showing the nbr of amn to be traind to meet AF needs in each AFSC during the current and following two fy by catgory.
  3. When review the retrn advisory, what grd column should a NCO with a prom line number use?
    grade column of the prj grd.
  4. What action should an armntake when is selected for a contgcy dplymnt and will becm eligible to apply retrn while deployed?
    Apply for reting before depature
  5. When dose a mbr serving OS, who wants to retrain a DEROS, apply for Retrain?
    betwn the 15th and 9 month befor DEROS
  6. What retainablity requmnt for FTA approved for reting not under CAREERS?
    Full CDA requmnt or 14 mnth whicherver grater beyond the proj class grad date or date enter OJT
  7. When can a FTA whose initial term of enlistmnt is for 6 apply for reting under the CAREERS?
    1st day of the mnth they complete 59 mnth on current enlisments.
  8. How many times could a CAREERS reting applcant be review by the QRP bord befor it dispproved?
  9. What action is taken when reting objective are not met during phase I and II of the NCORP?
    Invol reting becomes neccessary.
  10. What affect would conducting subtand behavior befor attending school have on a amn with a apprd reting?
    reting would be cancelled
  11. Within what timeframe must the FME process a completed reting applcant?
    with 5 working days
  12. When must mebr accept or decline their approved reting?
    With 10 working day of notification
  13. What is the AF policy when reting disqual Amn?
    To retain only amn who demostrated the ability to succesfully cmplt tran and whose past rcd justify further investment.
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