Famous Characters American Lit

  1. easily falls in love in Booth Tarkington's 1921 novel
    Alice Adams
  2. captains daughter falls in love with an Irish seaman in Eugene O'Neill's play
    Anna Christie
  3. maiden in a "kingdom by the sea" in an Edgar Allen Poe poem
    Annabel Lee
  4. hero in Hervey Allen's work set in the Napoleonic era
    Anthony Adverse
  5. daughter of Bohemian immigrants and is heroine in Willa Cather's book about farm life in Nebraska
    Antonia Shimerda
  6. has a child with Hester Prynne in The Scarlet Letter
    Arthur Dimmesdale
  7. hero in Poe's novel about a stowaway on a whaling ship
    Arthur Gorden Pym
  8. widowed southern lawyer who defends a black man accused of rape in a Lee novel
    Atticus Finch
  9. Dorothy's aunt in The Wizard of Oz
    Auntie Em
  10. New York scrivener who tells employer " I would prefer not to" in a Melville short story
  11. Tom Sawyer's sweethart
    Becky Thatcher
  12. victim of racial prejudice and convicted to death for a double murder in the Native Son
    Bigger Thomas
  13. young sailor who is falsely hanged in Billy Budd
    Billy Budd
  14. hero in Slaughterhouse-Five who travels between Dresden and Tralfamadore
    Billy Pilgrim
  15. moves in with sister and brother-in-law in A Streetcar Named Desire
    Blanche Dubois
  16. Ichabod Crane's rival for love in The Legend of Sleepy Hallow
    Brom Bones
  17. detective in Paris who is the master of logical thinking in # Poe stories
    C. Auguste Dupin
  18. captain of Peqoid in Moby Dick
    Captain Ahab
  19. captain of the Caine in The Caine Mutany
    Captain Queeg
  20. heroine who seeks future of acting in New York in Sister Carrie
    Carrie Meeber
  21. baseball player who strikes out in Casey at the Bat
  22. ex-prostitute who leaves a man to go back to previous life in East of Eden
    Cathy Ames Trask
  23. black heroine in the color purple
  24. Mohican Indian chief in the Leatherstocking novels
  25. young man who tries to succeed by lets a girl drown and is killed for it in An American Tradegy
    Clyde Griffiths
  26. Jay Gatsby moves to be with her in a Fitzgerald novel
    Daisy Buchanahan
  27. American women courted in Europe in a Henry James novel
    Daisy Miller
  28. hero in Wheeler's novels about the Wild West
    Deadwood Dick
  29. New York detective created by Lee and Dannay
    Ellery Queen
  30. ex-football player turned evangelist to become rich in Lewis novel
    Elmer Gantry
  31. daughter of newspaper editor in Our Town
    Emily Webb
  32. farmer who falls in love with his wife Zeena's cousin in an Edith Wharton novel
    Ethan Frome
  33. hero of Wolfe's semi-autobiographical novels
    Eugene Grant
  34. beautiful women separated from husband in Evangeline
    Evangeline Bellefontaine
  35. girl who saves Wilbur in Charlotte's Webb
  36. 12 year-old tomboy who believes she will go on her brothers honeymoon in A Member of the Wedding
    Frankie Adams
  37. Army lieutenant who falls in love with Catherine Barkley in A Farewell to Arms
    Fredric Henry
  38. central character who invents the lever and wheel in The Skin Is Our Teeth
    George Antrobus
  39. real estate agent in Babbitt
    George F. Babbitt
  40. anti hero in a and car dealer nicknamed "Rabbit" in John Updike's books
    Harry Angstrom
  41. disguise Brom Bones uses to scare Ichabod Crane
    Headless Horseman
  42. young soldier who becomes unexpected hero in A Red Badge of Courage
    Henry Fleming
  43. women who wheres a red A for committing adultery in A Red Badge of Courage
    Hester Pyrnne
  44. Indian leader who lives with his wife in Henry Wadsworth Longfellow poem
  45. rebellious 16 year-old who says he has a lousy childhood in The Catcher in the Rye
    Holden Caulfield
  46. free spirited heroine in Breakfast At Tiffany's
    Holly Golightly
  47. Widow Douglas' ward who has adventures on the Mississippi in a Twain novel
    Huckleberry Finn
  48. tall, skinny school teacher frightened by headless horseman in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
    Ichabod Crane
  49. Half-breed who kills Dr. Robinson in Tom Sawyer
    Injun Joe
  50. goes to Europe, gets courted and marries Gilbert Osmond in The Portrait of a Lady
    Isabel Archer
  51. narrator and only survivor of the Pequod in Moby-Dick
  52. farmer who says he would sell his soul to the devil in The Devil and Daniel Webster
    Jabez Stone
  53. Willie Starks aid who serves as the narrator in All the King's Men
    Jack Burden
  54. judge who murders to gain control of the family fortune in The House of Seven Gables
    Jaffery Pyncheon
  55. WWII hero in The Sun Also Rises
    Jake Barnes
  56. Tarzan's love in Tarzan and the Apes
    Jane Porter
  57. mysterious rich man on Long Island who tries to revive romance but is killed Fitzgerald novel
    Jay Gatsby
  58. Georgia cotton farmer who lives in a beat up shack in Tobacco Road
    Jeeter Lester
  59. runaway slave who embarks on a voyage down the Mississippi with Huck Finn
  60. narrator in My Antonia
    Jim Burden
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