Walden Vocab

  1. Endeavoring
    to attempt / try
  2. Ether
    the upper regions of space / the heavens
  3. Marmots
    bushy tailed, stocky rodents
  4. Pervaded
    to become spread throughout the entire year
  5. Temperament
    natural predisposition
  6. Lore
  7. Pickerel
    the walleye or pikeperch
  8. Perch
    freshwater food fish
  9. Penetrate
    to affect or impress deeply
  10. Latter
    being the second mentioned of the two
  11. Chinks
    crack / narrow opening
  12. Ruder
  13. Cadaverous
    pale / thin / like a corpse
  14. Haddock
    North Atlantic food fish / rosefish
  15. Animalized
    to excite the animal passions of / brutalize
  16. Chaises
    a light opened carriage
  17. Cynosure
    something that strongly attracts attention by its brilliance
  18. Convulsive
    of the nature of spasms
  19. Styx
    a river in the underworld
  20. Fathomed
    comprehend / understand
  21. Dilavian
    pertaining to or caused by a flood
  22. Chasm
    a divergence of opinions / marked interruption of continuity
  23. Capacious
    capable of holding much / spacious
  24. Arbitrarily
    subject to individual will or judgement without restriction
  25. Promontory
    high point of land or rock
  26. cape
    sleeveless garment of various lengths
  27. shoal
    a place where a body of water is shallow / sandbank
  28. Breadth
    an extent or piece of something definite
  29. Vitiated
    to impair / make faulty
  30. cleft
    a division formed by cleaving / a space or opening
  31. Aggregate
    any of various loose, particulate materials / assemblage of particulars
  32. bights
    bent part of a rope / middle part of a rope
  33. Poesy
    the work or the art of poetic composition
  34. soldering
    anything that joins or unites
  35. undulation
    a wavelike motion
  36. infinitesimal
    immeasurable small / exceedingly small
  37. mottled
    spotted in coloring
  38. hyperborean
    one of a people supposed to live in land of perpetual sunshine
  39. obelisk
    something resembling such a shaft
  40. venerable
    antique appearance
  41. almanac
    an annual publication of a reference book
  42. sower
    a person who scatters seeds
  43. cosmogonal
    theory of the origin and development of the universe
  44. gales
    a very strong wind
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