Bio Hochman

  1. Carolus Linnaeus
    • -Two Part Binomial System
    • -Ex. Homo Sapien

    - Place Species in Increasingly General Categories
  2. Aristotle
    -Viewed Species as Fixed

    -Each Form of Life Perfect and Permanent

    -Arranged on a ladder
  3. George Cuvier
    -Key Role in Developing Paleontology
  4. James Hutton
    Proposed Earth's Geologic Features Can Be Explained by Gradual Mechanisms Still Operating

    -Ex. Valleys Formed by Rivers
  5. Charles Lyell
    Used Hutton's Thinking to Create His Principle of Uniformitarianism

    -Mechanisms of Change are Constant Over Time
  6. Jean Baptist de Lamark
    • Use and Disuse- The Idea That Parts of the Body That Are Used Extensively Become Larger and Stronger While Those That Are Not Used Begin to Deteriorate.
    • -Ex. Giraffe

    • -Inheritance Of Acquired Characteristics
    • ---Organisms Could Pass These Modifications to Offspring. WE NOW KNOW THIS IS FALSE

  7. What is the Title of Darwin's Book?
    On The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection
  8. Strata
    Layers of Sediment Cover Older Ones and Compress Them into Superimposed Layers of Rock
  9. Adaptations
    Characteristics of Organisms That Enhance Their Survival and Reproduction in Specific Environments
  10. Evolution
    Descent with Modification
  11. Homology
    Similarity Resulting From Common Ancestry
  12. Homologus Structures
    Ex. Shoulder to Finger Tips of All Mammals

    -Represent Variation on a Structural Theme That Was Present in Their Common Ancestor
  13. Endemic
    Found No Where Else in The World!

    Ex. Plants and Animals on Islands
  14. Vestigal Structures
    Remnants of Features That Served Important Functions in The Organism's Ancestors
  15. Biogeography
    Geographic Distribution of Species
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