1. Philospher
    A thinker or lover of wisdom
  2. Philosophes
    French word for philosopher
  3. Salons
    A gathering of Enlightenment intellectuals who gather for conversation
  4. Logic
    Science of reasoning and establishing proof for arguments
  5. Chronicles
    Accounts in which events are arranged in the order they occured
  6. Scholasticism
    Medieval school of thought that tried to bring together Arisotle's philosophy and the teaching of church scholars
  7. Ethics
    Good moral conduct and good moral judgement
  8. Reciprocity
    do not do to others how you do not want them to do to you
  9. Yin and Yang
    Keeping the world in balance, find balance with the extremes
  10. Stoicism
    Zeno was the founder of the philosphy stoicism. The word stoicism comes from stoa poikile or painted porch. Stoics believe that what happened to people was governed by natural law. They asl believed that you would gain happiness by ignoring your emotions and follow reason. This made them be able to accept anything from life and their duty. later on Stoicism affected roman intellectuals and early Christian thinkers.
  11. Epicure
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