415 Vocab

  1. Aesthetic
    relating to a sense of beauty or art
  2. bestial
    brutal, inhuman; having the characteristics of a savage animal
  3. cacaphonus
    harsh or unpleasant sounding; clashing
  4. centrifuge
    a machine that rotates at high speeds to seperate substances
  5. contempt
    scorn, extreme dislike
  6. desolate
    desterted, empty, lonely
  7. dictum
    an authoritative statement or command
  8. feint
    a false appearence, a fake punch
  9. incessant
    constant, unstopping
  10. insidious
    teacherous or dangerous in a sneaky sort of way
  11. obscure
    not clear or plain
  12. odious
    hateful, disgusting
  13. parry
    to deflect or ward off a blow
  14. pedantry
    showing off learning in a needless, unimaginative manner
  15. perpetuate
    to prolong the existence of something
  16. proclivity
    an inclination or tendency
  17. profuse
    extravagantly abundant, flowing freely
  18. stagnant
    not flowing, foul or murky
  19. stolid
    showing little or no emotion
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