EMTB-11 Ch7 Scene Size Up

  1. blunt-force trauma
    injury caused by a blow that does not penetrate the skin or other body tissues.
  2. danger zone
    the area around the wreckage of a vehicle collision or other incident within which special safety precautions should be taken.
  3. index of suspicion
    awareness that there may be injuries.
  4. mechanism of injury
    a force or forces that may have caused injury.
  5. nature of the illness
    what is medically wrong with a patient.
  6. penetrating trauma
    injury cuased by an object that passes through the skin or other body tissues.
  7. scene size-up
    steps taken by an ambulance crew when approaching the scene of an emergency call: checking scene safety, taking Standard Precautions, noting the mechanism of injury or nature of patient's illness, determining number of patients, & deciding what, if any, addt'l resources to call for.
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EMTB-11 Ch7 Scene Size Up
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