GYN (In Class Review)

  1. Large glands on the distal side of the vagina
    - bartholin glands
  2. area between the inferior
  3. Lining of the uterus called
  4. Middle of the Uterus
  5. outside lining of the uterus
  6. Ligament that support the bulk of the ovary
    suspensory (ovarian) ligament
  7. What are the adnexa of the uterus?
    Ovaries and fallopian tubes
  8. Synonyms for fallopian tubes
  9. Function or functions of the ovaries
    produce ova or ocytes, expels the octyes, releases hormones (estrogen)
  10. . What position would you use for a D&C
  11. what do you need for the or table for a lithotomy
    stirrups and leg straps
  12. What is the description of the pfannensteal incision
    lower abdominal transverse incision
  13. external area between
  14. The external cervical os is the
    aperture between the junction between the corpium uteri and the cervix
  15. What are the three layers of the uterine wall?
    • endometrium
    • myometrium
    • perimetrium
  16. Most common site for ectopic pregnancy
    within fallopian tube
  17. The absence of menstrual period
  18. Posterior colloporaphy is performed to repair
  19. Catheter
    decompress the bladder and increase visualization
  20. trendelenburg is used to prevent injury
    superiorly (caudal)
  21. TAH
    removal of entire uterus
  22. External female genitalia is referred to as
  23. A pap smear tests for
    cervical dysplasia
  24. What is endometriosis
    abnormal implantation of tissue
  25. What position for a TAH
  26. A fibroid is a benign tumor of the
    myometrium (myoectomy)
  27. Indigo carmine is a dye
    used following a tuboplasty, to demon straight tubal patency
  28. The term D&C stands for
    Dilation and Curettage
  29. Radical hysterectomy is for
    cancer that has spread
  30. What is a cystocele
    prolapse of bladder into the vaginal vault
  31. Vaginal hyst
    removing the uterus through a vagina incision
  32. What is a curette
    removed tissue by scraping
  33. salpingectomy
    removing of the fallopian tube
  34. lugols solution
    identify abnormal cells
  35. Radiological investigation of the tubes is called
  36. Uterine ligaments are
    round, broad, us, cardinal (What is the except? )
  37. Distention of the bladder is to
    record urinary output
  38. What would an anterior and posterior colpography accomplish
    compare a rectrocele and systocele
  39. To confirm a Diagnosis of a ectopic pregnancy is to confirm what
    into the cul-de-sac
  40. herniation of the cul-de-sac of Douglas is called a
  41. Why do bladder extensions
    to treat stress and incontinence
  42. direct visualiation though the cul-de-sac is called
  43. complication of the lithotomy position
  44. .Position used when doing a laproscopy to view the pelvis
    modified lithotomy
  45. incision used in a laparosopy
    inframbillical incision
  46. uterteral catheters may be used land marks and prevent injury during
    Vag Hyst
  47. The Order of an operation for an abdominal hyst and D&C.
    D&C first, then Abdominal Hyst.
  48. self retraining retractor for a pfannensteal
    o Sullivan o’connor
  49. A basin for contaminated instruments for contaminated which procedures
    abdominal hyst
  50. Abdomen is inflated with
  51. Emotions concerns because of
    All of the above
  52. Type of anesthesia for GYN
    general, spinal, epidural
  53. Prevention for ___ can be used for compress devices
  54. What clamp for ligaments in a hyst
    heney, ballentine, or heney ballentine
  55. Vaginal procedures require
    longer instruments
  56. What is a somer used for
    elevating pelvis
  57. Complication of abdominal and pelvic surgery include
    infertility & adhesions, (except endometriosis)
  58. Doing a combined approach, which is done first?
  59. When tissue is removed that included the cervix and entire canal is called a
  60. Take out for a cone biopsy
    take out outer cervix something __inner os
  61. For a fractional curettage
    endocervix, currett with cerix, sound dilate, uterine curette
  62. List in order for a vaginal hyst
    cardinal/uterosacral, broad, round
  63. T or F, lap is not more common
  64. Concerns for laproscopy and endometrial
    emolization by gas
  65. Before lap procedure
    veries needle to fill abdomen with co2. In imbillicus
  66. . fibro optic cable is for
  67. manipulator for lysis of adhesions
  68. before introduction of the pneumoperitenum
    abdomen is inflated with co2
  69. Do to varies needle before insertion
    syringe to see if for blood return
  70. during lap procedure cannula into imbiloicaus for
    into instruments
  71. women have stress and incontinence
    caused displacement of the bladder neck
  72. .lap surgery is called
    Min invasive
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GYN (In Class Review)
Here are most of the Questions for the GYN exam that we reviewed today in class. I was able to get a good chunk. Know all of these and your GYN Instruments and you should be sitting in pretty good shape tomorrow (1/7/2011)