pulm funtion testing

  1. DL
    diffusing capacity of the lung
  2. ERV
    expiratory reserve volume
  3. VT
    tidal volume
  4. IRV
    inspiratory reserve volume
  5. RV
    residual volume
  6. TLC
    total lung capacity
  7. VC
    vital capacity
  8. IC
    inspiratory capacity
  9. FRC
    functional residual capacity
  10. MVV
    maximal voluntary ventilation
  11. FVC
    forced volume capacity
  12. PEF
    peak expiratory flow rate
  13. FEF 200-1200
    forced expiratory flow between 200ml and 1200ml of FVC
  14. FEV 1
    forced expiratory volume in 1 second
  15. FEF 25%-75%
    forced expiratory flow between 25%-75% of FVC
  16. FEV1/FVC
    forced expiratory volume in 1 second to vital capacity ratio
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