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  1. Progressive movment
    someone favoring change o improvment
  2. facts about t.r
    • 1 pres 1901-1909
    • 2 nickname teddy roosevelt teddy bear named after him
    • 3 progressive pres
    • 4 republican
    • 5 v.p of william mickinly till he was assainated 1901
  3. square deal
    • 1 fair treatment for all americans
    • 2 ajust society for all americans justic
    • 3 name of roosevelt domestic policy in a usa
  4. trust busters
    trust of companies grouped under a single board of diretors
  5. muck rackers
    journalists who exposed the problem in american society
  6. the jungle
    investivative reporters meat packing industry told the discustring state of the factorys
  7. fda
    food and drug administration T.r 1906 inspects food and medicene to see if it was ok to eat or use the stuff
  8. 16 and 17 amendments
    • 16= income tax
    • 17= people in that state elect the senators
  9. nj senators
    frank lautenburg and bob mendez
  10. senator electoin of massacusetts
    • Martha Coakley- democrate
    • SCOTT BROWN-republican
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