cfi psych quiz 3

  1. What do we mean by recall?
    Recall involves retreiving previously learning info w/out the aid of or w/ very few external cues.

    Recall Bret and Todd shoving cupcakes down their throat:)
  2. What is encoding?
    Encoding is the process of transferring info from short term to long term memory by paying attention to it, repeating it, or rehearsing it, or forming new associations.

    " I will eat wings this weekend, I will eat wings this weekend!!"
  3. What is iconic memory?
    Iconic memory is a form of sensory memory that automatically holds visual info for a quarter of a sec or more; as soon as you shift your attention the info disappears.
  4. What is long term memory?
    Long term memory refers to the process of storing almost unlimited amounts of info over long periodsof time.
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cfi psych quiz 3
cfi psych quiz 3