cfi psych quiz 3

  1. What is Long Term Memory?
    Refers to the process of storing almost unlimited amounts of information over long periods of time with the potential of retrieving, or remembering, such information for the future.
  2. What is procedural memory?
    Also called Nondeclarative memory- involves memories for motor skills (playing tennis), some cognitive skills (learning to read), and emotional behaviors learned through classical conditioning (Fear of Spiders) these momories cannot be recalled.
  3. What is retrieving?
    Retrieving is the process of selecting information from long-term memory and transferring it back into short term memory.
  4. What is Semantic Memory
    Semantic memory is a type of declarative memory and involves knowledge of facts, concepts, words, definitions, and language rules.
  5. What is Amnesia?
    Amnesia, which may be temporary or permanent, is a loss of memory that may occur after a blow or damage to the brain or after disease (Alzheimer's) general anesthesia, certain drugs, or severe psychological trauma.
  6. What are Nodes?
    Nodes are memory files that contain related information organized around a specific topic or category.
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