English vocab

  1. vexation
    annoyance the man that wouldnt stop talking is a vexation
  2. druthers
    noun if i had my druthers i would be in bed, asleep.
  3. cantankerous
    adj the cantankerous man wont stop arguing about how cats rule the world
  4. umbrage
    noun i had an umbrage against the man that pushed me in a pudle.
  5. apoplectic
    adj my mother was apoplectic after i ate the last cookie.
  6. degenerating
    verb the cows mind was degenerating, it soon died
  7. predilection
    noun predilections cause others that arent favored to feal bad.
  8. ruefully
    adj i ruefully walked home from the funeral
  9. assuaged
    verb i assuaged my dog by rubing his belly, after i steped on his foot.
  10. odious
    adj the odious man wanted to kill puppies
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