Health care systems 1/6/11 Part 2

  1. causes of high health care costs:
    • aging population
    • technology
    • health related lawsuits
  2. methods used to contain costs:
    • DRG
    • combination of services
    • outpatient services
    • mass or bulk purchasing
    • energy conservation
    • intervention and preventative services
  3. purpose of omnibus budget reconciliation act?
    regulates long term health care facilities in health care
  4. differance between alternative and complementary methods of care:
    alternative uses methods in place of biomedical therapies while complimentary are alternative methods used with conventional medical therapies
  5. physical wellness-
    promotes a well balanced diet, exercise, examinations, immunizations, and the avoidance of alchohol, tobacco, caffeine, drugs, environmental containments, and risky sexual behavior
  6. emotional wellness-
    promotes understanding ones feelings and expressing them
  7. social wellness-
    promotes showing concern, fairness, affection, tolerance, and respect for each other
  8. mental and intellectual wellness-
    promotes being creative, logical, curious, and open minded
  9. spiritual wellness-
    promoted by using values, ethics, and morals to find meaning, direction, and purpose to life
  10. benefits of wellness:
    • improves quality of life
    • saves costs
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Health care systems 1/6/11 Part 2