Health care systems 1/6/11 part 1

  1. list 5 types of hospitals:
    • small
    • large
    • private
    • religious
    • nonprofit
  2. rehabilitation facility-
    provide care to help patients with physical or mental disabilities to obtain maximum self-care and function
  3. optical center-
    provide vision examinations, prescribe eyeplasses or contact lenses, and check for the presence of eye diseases
  4. emergence care center-
    provide special care for victims of accidents or sudden illness
  5. home health agencies-
    provide care in a patients home
  6. hospice-
    provides care for terminally ill persons with life expectancies of 6 months or less
  7. independent and assisted living facilities-
    allow individuals who can care for them selves to rent or purchase an apartment in a facility
  8. Define medicare-
    federal government program that provides health care for almost all individuals over the age of 65 and for certain persons with a disability
  9. deductible-
    amount that must be paid by the patient before the policy begins to pay
  10. co-insurance-
    requires that specific precentages of expences are shared by the patient and the insurance company (Ex: 80%-20%)
  11. co-payment-
    a specific amount of money a patient pays for a particular service
  12. medicare-
    individuals over the age of 65
  13. medicade-
    those with low income
  14. state childrens governmental insurance programs-
    uninsured children
  15. worker's compensation-
    workers injured on the job
  16. tricare-
    active duty members and family members
  17. world health organization-
    compiles statistics and information on disease, publishes health information, and investigates and addresses serious health problems through out the world
  18. (CDC) centers for disease control and prevention-
    concerned with causes, spread, and control of diseases in populations
  19. food and drug administration-
    regulating food and drug products sold to the public
  20. occupational safety and health administration-
    standards that protect workers from job-related injuries and illnesses
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