1. About the Fallopian Tubes. What are the four sections of fallopian tubes.
    • 1. Interstitial Section- connects the uterus
    • 2. Narrow Isthmus- midportion
    • 3. Ampulla -widened portion of the tube
    • 4. Infundibulum- the terminal end of the tube.
  2. What part of the fallopian tube connects to the uterus?

    A. Interstitial Section
  3. Which part is the "mid-portion" of the fallopian tube?
    Narrow Isthmus.
  4. True of False.

    The Ampulla is the Widened portion of the Fallopian Tube.
  5. Which part is the terminal part/end of the fallopian tube?
  6. What do the Fimbriae do for the ovum?
    It directs the ovum toward the infundibulum.
  7. The development and release of the ova are influenced by the _____, which stimulates the gonadotropic hormones, luteinizing hormone, and FSH.
    Pituitary gland.
  8. Inspection for a pelvic exam in the lithotomy position include _____, _____ with ______ & the______
    External, Vaginal with Speculum, & the Cervix
  9. Jeopardy!

    Aspiration of cells from the Endocervix may reveal the Endometrium, Fallopian tubes, overies, and this type of cancer.

    What is the type of cancer?
    Occult Cervical Cancer
  10. During a colposcopy, this type of instrument may be used to Identify abnormal epithelium for biopsy
  11. During a colposcopy, the Colpomicroscope may be used to identify ______ for ______
    Abnormal epithelium for Biopsy
  12. a RECTOCELE is describes as ________.
    Rectum bulging into the vagina.
  13. What are the 6 muscles of the perineum?
    • 1. Bulbocavernous muscle
    • 2. Superficial transverse perineal muscles (two)
    • 3. Levator ani (two)
    • 4. External anal sphincter
  14. Vaginal Dressings may have _______ or _______
    Antibiotic cream or Hormonal cream.
  15. Which types of forceps are used for vaginal packing?
    Russian forceps or plain tissue.
  16. Hypertrophied or benign neoplasms may be removed with ____, ____ , or_____
    Laser, ESU, or Cryosurgical unit.
  17. 2 special features of the abdominal approach are
    • 1. Supine
    • 2. Trendelenburg.
  18. The cleaning method for cleaning a colpomicroscope is that it is wiped with
    3% acetic acid to clear away mucus.
  19. Palpation is both _______&_______.
    Abdominovaginal & Abdominorectal.
  20. A Posterior Colpotomy is used for
    determinating the fluid, blood, and pus.
  21. Shillers test shows _____
    area to biopsy.
  22. The most common ESU used in the OR is the ____polar
  23. What are the parts of the external genitalia
    • Labia majora
    • Labia minor
    • Clitoris
    • Vestibule
    • Fourchette
    • Bartholin Glands.
  24. A CYSTOCELE is a
    Protrusion or prolapse of the bladder into the Vagina.
  25. The Cervix is composed of three parts.
    • Endometrium
    • Myometrium
    • Perimetrium
  26. Prevention of DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) includes
    • 1. Prophylactic & Anticoagulants with Subq heparin
    • 2. Antiembolic stockings
    • 3. sequential compression devices
    • 4. early ambulation

    Which is the 3rd ligament
    • Broad
    • Round
    • Cardinal
    • Uterosacral
  28. For an abdominal Hysterectomy, what is the correct order of ligaments.
    • Broad
    • Round
    • Cardinal
    • Uterosacral
  29. What does EUA stand for?

    C. Examination under Anesthesia.
  30. What are the main parts of the Uterus.

    1. Top
    2. Middle
    3. Bottom
    • 1. Fundus
    • 2. Body
    • 3. Cervix
  31. Order of Ligaments for a Vaginal Hysterectomy
    • Uterosacral
    • Cardinal
    • Round
    • Broad
  32. The pelvic exam includes____, ____ & ____
    Inspection, Palpation-bimanuel exam & Organs.
  33. The cervix is the external os, canal and the ____
    Four necks of the Vagina.
  34. To test the Fallopian tube for Patency, what is done?
    Dye is introduced into the uterine cavity.
  35. What type of tissue is perineum?
    Fibro muscular tissue
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