Church ch 10

  1. What changes came about as a result of conflicts within the Church of the 1500s?
    Corrupt and full of heresies, with indulgences at the root
  2. Most famous seller of indulgences
    John Tetzel
  3. What was this money used for?
    • Pope
    • Construction of St. Peter's Bascilica
  4. Indulgence campaign
    • Festive parade
    • preached sermons that scared people into buying indulgences
  5. Who started the protestant reformation?
    Martin Luther
  6. Martin Luther background
    • Set to be lawyer, almost died.
    • Commited himself to church
    • felt unworthy and afraid of judgment
    • Salvation comes from faith alone
  7. How did Luther begin the reformation?
    Wrote 95 thesis -> Archbishop Albert
  8. 3 convictions of Luther
    • Papal Authority
    • Grace vs Works
    • Bible
  9. Luther: Papal authority
    the pope and his council aren't the final say on faith matters
  10. Luther: Grace vs Works
    • Jesus is the only one who can save, which gives faith.
    • Salvation can't be earned by merit or good works.
  11. Luther: Bible
    Bible is the sole supreme authority of the Christain faith
  12. How did the church respond to Luther?
    Reverse his teaching or be excommunicated
  13. What did Luther do when he was threatened to be excommunicated?
    • He stayed with Duke Freddy in his castle
    • Translated the Bible into German
  14. Augsburg Confession
    • Lutheran statemaent of faith
    • Summarized their beliefs
  15. What name was attached to the Lutherans?
  16. Peace of Augsburg
    Local rulers chose the religion of their domain
  17. Theocracy
    State run by the Church
  18. Calvinism
    • Supreme authority of scriptures
    • Christ not in Eucharist
    • Very simple worship
    • No joy/smiling
    • Religious intolerance
  19. Who reformed Protestant into Calvinism?
    • Ulrich Zwingli
    • John Calvin
  20. Why did Henry VII break from the church?
    He didn't have a successor, so he wanted his marriage annuled, and the church wouldn't
  21. What resulted from Henry VIII breaking from the church?
    He formed the Church of England
  22. Who was St Thomas More
    • Chancellor of england and king's bff. k
    • Resigned to protest Henry VIII (new church)
    • Beheaded
  23. Why did pope Paul III call the Council of Trent?
    To reform the church and bring the Protestants back (didn't)
  24. 3 teachings the Council of Trent reaffirmed
    • Faith is from scripture and tradition
    • Church is the final interpreter of the scriptures
    • Christ is present in Eucharist
  25. What sacraments come from the scriptures?
    • Eucharist
    • Baptism
  26. How many sacraments come from tradition?
  27. What did the council of trent impose?
    Education-seminaries and universitites
  28. What were the successes of Trent?
    • Reformed abuses
    • Clarified Church teaching
  29. Failurees of Trent
    Didn't reunite the church
  30. Ignatious of Loyola
    • Spain
    • Soldier
    • Founded the Jesuits
    • Wanted to enrich spirituality (bring people back to Christ)
    • Educated the laity
  31. St. Teresa of Avila
    • Spain
    • Wrote "The Interior Castle" <compared the human body to a castle
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